On the road again…

HI, all!

So I’m on the road for a bit and as a result, haven’t had a chance to fangirl, but I will be doing so eventually over Tomb Raider, Everything Sucks, and One Day at a Time.

In case you’re wondering, here are a couple of things I’m doing while I’m out gallivanting around.


to see

and then

Sometimes you need to unplug and get out and do some stuff. So that’s what I’m up to.

Let us know what you’ve got going on in the comments (cuz we want more ideas!).

Happy Friday and may the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. Howdy, Andi!!

    I plan on hiking this afternoon after work, marching for our lives tomorrow morning, going to a friend’s 50th b-day party tomorrow evening, and going to the grand niece’s 3rd birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I’m tired already!!

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