How many degrees of separation?

A reader’s perspective on finding connections no matter how small or random.

A couple of years ago (ok maybe 15) Karin Kallmaker released a story called One Degree of Separation and it was awesome! I think most everyone has heard of the concept of six degrees of separation where everyone is somehow connected to everyone else within six degrees- the whole friend of a friend of a friend of a…well you get the idea. Totally random thought moment- can you think of someone you DON’T want to be connected to within six degrees??  Anyway the Karin Kallmaker story is fabulous and everyone should go read it immediately so that we can talk about it now. I’ll wait.

I don’t think Jove and Andi would appreciate waiting too long so in the meantime, being a little stuck on what to write this week, I told Kim (the amazing wife in the household!) to pull some books off the bookshelves – yes we have books and we have more than one bookshelf- please don’t judge! Of course I was thinking I was this amazing reader who could then take these randomly selected stories and connect them in my own warped game of six degrees of separation. Oh, and a small detail about any of those games involving famous people and connecting them to other famous people via movies, TV shows, etc. within six degrees- I SUCK AT THEM!

But let’s try anyway shall we? First up is one of the first LesFic stories, possibly even THE first one I purchased on Amazon. I’ve read it several times over the years and have always loved that slow burn/melting an ice queen/lost in the pages feel of it. Tropical Storm by Melissa Good. I shouldn’t really say more because well that sort of says it all right? How lucky am I that this was one of Kim’s choices? But anyway I am going to refer to the start of this wonderful story of Dar and Kerry, the terms of how they meet. Kerry has a mid level management position for the current company that is on Dar’s company’s radar for taking over and restructuring. Wonderfully written allowing both women’s characters to quickly come to the surface. As previously mentioned, it’s a series I’ve enjoyed over the years and it starts with a bang!

Taking that company taking over other company concept, that brings us to the degree of separation to Julie Cannon’s Power Play. Tate Monroe is going to do what she does best and make the acquisition  while Victoria Sosa is doing everything in her professional prowess to keep that from happening. It’s amazing what can happen when you put the idea of competing companies led by strong powerful women on the pages. And I only offer similarities with my degree of separation game, the romance, action, complications, and all the other ideas involved makes  Power Play make for a fun read. I mean they go to Brussels! How fun is that!

Which leads into my next degree of separation as Kim also chose for me, Amanda Kyle Williams’ A Singular Spy which is the third in the Madison McGuire series. In this installment of kick-assedness (is that a new word?!) Madison McGuire is headed off to Europe to find the traitor. Destination Geneva Switzerland, which is NOT the exact same as Brussels but a pretty close degree of separation! I absolutely loved this series. I started reading it back when Naiad was providing so many reader-hungry-lesbians with stories. It was so fun to have some action/adventure to go along with the wonderful romances- a sub genre that didn’t seem to be as popular to publish at the time. And Amanda Kyle Williams is such a fantastic story teller weaving all the details together so flawlessly! And who doesn’t love espionage stories especially one’s with a spy named Raven! Disclaimer: this information can be found on the back of the book so I did NOT give away the twist or spoiler of this story- meaning find a copy and enjoy!! 

And why would I be so specific with a name like Raven? Because the fourth book that Kim picked out is Wingspan by Karis Walsh. Raven’s a bird, but not exactly what is dealt with in this incredibly touching romance, rather Bailey Chase works with rescue birds of prey. A profession that allows a chance encounter with architect Kendall Pearson, who stumbles upon an injured osprey. The beauty that these birds display in flight is reflected on the pages of this story as Karis Walsh takes two characters struggling to find their way only to learn that with the love and support of each other they can sore. It’s awesome!

But there you have it! A connection from Florida to Washington, to corporation to nature made, and from one side of the bookshelves all the way to the other! We are all connected and these stories shared by our lesfic authors through the years solidify that connection for us. Be kind to one another and share the love. Read. Write. Respect.

Don’t really have any probing questions at this time but thanks for reading this far. As always I would love to hear what lesfic stories everyone is reading!


  1. Another fun post and something I a coming to look forward to seeing on Saturday mornings.

    One of my regrets – not keeping my copies of Amanda Kyle Williams’ Madison McGuire series. Nearly impossible to get now and crazy expensive – who would have thought.

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    • Thanks Cooper! Yeah, the picture I used above I think is someone’s home picture of the cover but I couldn’t find another one. I wish I had brought them with me when I had a chance to meet AKW at the LCLC a few years back. She was so amazing! Very articulate, extremely funny and very awesome.


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