Big News and a Book Giveaway

Happy Monday!

Something fabulous has happened since we’ve talked last.

I’m down to six hot-flashes a day.

Well, not really but I’m almost sure they’ve decreased. Maybe.

OF course that’s not the BIG news.



Meet Me in the Middle is now available in AUDIO!

I know, right?

And because I’m learning how to make those cool little box ads, here is my freshman attempt.

AD 6


Seriously, I don’t know why I always like to tilt things, it’s what appeals to me. To be fair, my furniture is catty-corner too.

To celebrate, I’m giving away an autographed paperback copy of the book.

And since pimping promoting is part of my job, I’m just going to leave this latest review of Meet Me in the Middle here…

“An absolute joy to read… A fabulous romance with a heavenly twist, a lot of laughter, endearing pets and very entertaining characters. I highly recommend this gorgeously romantic book…”

Wait -can I DO that?  Well, until I hear otherwise, and they make me take it down… screenshot it. LOL.

And for a little bonus for reading my blog today – here’s a snippet for you 🙂

a butterfly seperator - Copy (2)

“O’Shea’s Small Animal Veterinary Clinic.

Zane read the sign, paused, then read it again. Anger started bubbling somewhere in the vicinity of her lower stomach, and moved up to the top of her head.

Small animal vet?

As in, Not Equine.

This imposter had been at Zane’s house, taking care of her coveted champion purebred Arabian, and she was a small animal vet? Well, she’d just see about that. She slammed the driver’s door of her Mercedes shut, then stormed up to the entrance.

She stepped into a small waiting room and into complete pandemonium.

A young boy held a leash connected to the collar of a very rambunctious black Lab who was currently running circles around him, causing another dog resembling a huge rat in an elderly woman’s lap to bark hysterically in a nerve-pinching tone.

Another woman shakily held onto a cage that held some sort of colorful, screeching colossal bird that flapped its wings and ordered every living thing in the room to “Shut up, Ath- hole!”

The boy’s face turned red before he began to laugh hysterically. He also repeated the phrase in an altered high-pitched, ear-shattering voice. “Shut up!”

Zane noticed a man snoring in the corner who must be the boy’s father, because no one here else reprimanded him.

Dear, God. This is insane.

“Can I help you?” asked the receptionist. The plaque on the desk read “Sabrina” in pretty cursive letters. She resembled a younger version of Aislin, but appeared much more polished.

How can she stand it? Zane pulled herself out of her nervy shock and squared her shoulders. “You can. I need to speak with Doctor O’Shea. Immediately.”

“Which one, and do you have an appointment?” she asked.

Zane detected the sweet, sugary tone as sarcastic. “Aislin. And no, not on purpose,” she snapped back at her before she dared a quick glance to the bedlam still in progress.

“Then it’s going to be a long wait. As you can see…” Sabrina swept a hand toward the crowd. “There are a few people ahead of you.”

Zane’s eyes narrowed. She had excellent observation skills and the girl was patronizing her, she was sure of it. Sabrina appeared the type to consider herself guardian to dragon’s gate. She pushed her annoyance down along with her still simmering anger, and instead turned on her charm, the jury’s million-dollar-killer-smile, to try another tactic. “I just need one moment of her time.” She paused for effect. “Sabrina. Please.”

“Shut up Ath hole!”

“Stop it, Billy,” Sabrina said, then giggled when Zane’s expression faltered. “Sugar won’t help you either. Still not happening.”

“Ath hole, ath hole!”

From behind the reception desk, the swinging door opened and Zane saw Aislin appear with a gargantuan orange tabby in her arms. The second she noticed Zane, her face flushed and before she could say a word, the cat leapt from her arms in a blur, which brought the black Lab puppy exuberantly running over to investigate while dragging the boy on his leash.

It happened in slow motion. The leash wrapped around Zane’s ankles and swept her clean off her feet to crash to the floor. Zane started to scream, but it was cut off by the puppy’s tongue when he smothered her face with kisses.

She tried to fend off the dog and bury her mortification at the same time, but she was still easily capable of seeing that when Aislin and Sabrina leapt to help her, each were obviously holding back their laughter at her predicament.

Billy Boy had no such tact. Great big belly laughs filled the waiting room to join in with the enraged yowls from the cat, the explicit profanity pealing from the bird, and maniacal barks from the other dogs. Even the little old lady hid her smile behind her hand.

From the position on her back, she watched Sabrina quickly and efficiently quiet the animals, then grab a piece of candy off her desk to shove in little Billy’s face.

Aislin helped Zane off of the floor and directed her down the hall to her office. She coughed several times but it wasn’t effective enough to cover her amusement. Zane was embarrassed beyond belief, but chose to hold on to her original icy wrath.”

a butterfly seperator - Copy (2)

If you want to read the story behind the argument and the rest of  it, you’ll have to buy the book!

And because I’m me – of course there are ghosts and fun characters in it.

OR you can leave a comment below for a chance to win an autographed copy.

And because I can’t really decide which ad I like best, I’m going to post my second attempt.

AD 3 Meet Me in the Middle


Have an awesome day and don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win that autographed copy.

And/or tell me what you think about the ads or snippet 🙂

I will post the winner on my next regular blog.






  1. I’ve always wondered what goes into making an audio book. Does an author get to browse/listen through an audio catalogue with sound clips from voice artists and pick the ones they think sound the most like how they’ve envisioned the main characters? Or is it the editor or publisher that gets to pick?

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  2. Since I’m a bit off kilter anyway, I like the first graphic better. And I’m still laughing at the image of Zane being upended. It reminds me of a time on the beach with my friend and I, and my handsome boy, Thor. I was bruised for days after imitating a kite in flight!! So, I can’t wait to read it.

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  3. I’ve had my eye on this book since it was first published. An autographed copy would be fabulous to win so please put my name in the hat for the giveaway. Thanks!

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  4. You posted a terrific snippet of your book :-). Now I have added it to my must read list. I like the second ad and it’s because of the font you used.

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  5. Hi Yvonne, always love your blogs. I like the first ad best. I purchased the ebook version of Meet Me In the Middle and can tell other readers I found it humorous and adorable. Really can’t pick a favorite character because I thought they all were great. I would love to own an autographed copy of it. Looking forward to your next one.

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  6. Congrats on only six hot flashes a day! Seriously. Mine just started a couple weeks ago and they were about six an HOUR and I was never told that hot flashes were such MISERY. I put myself on the Whole30 diet because getting healthy can’t hurt, right? And actually after a couple days I’m now down to maybe one an hour. But I have no idea if the diet is what helped!
    Now I only need a new book to read to get my mind off cupcakes and Easter candy. 🙂

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  7. Hi there! Your new book sounds wonderful! I enjoyed both the snippet and the quotes…it is really great that your book has already generated so much positive attention! Thanks for having a giveaway in the first place.

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