The Lesfic Sampler by K’Anne Meinel

A group of writers in the Lesbian Marketing Alliance would like to refute the perception that there are very few books available in the diverse categories of science fiction and fantasy, which also incorporate lesbian characters. To that end, we are offering a free sampler from ten authors, available 4/1 – 4/15/2018.

Often, on television or in the movies, lesbian characters are the first to die off.  Just when you really begin to enjoy a series and are developing a real understanding and love of the characters, the lesbian is killed off, forced to leave, or her relationship “just doesn’t work out.”  It’s even worse if the story tells you the lesbian was mistaken about her sexual orientation, and she returns to the leading man…usually the hero of the story.

Well, we’re here to tell you there are many lesfic writers today, who are offering better than this.  We are just a small sampling of authors, often lesbians themselves, who are writing stories especially for lesbians.  The Lesbian Marketing Alliance got together and created a sampling of their Lesfic science fiction and fantasy works on Eliza Andrew’s site, so you can read a variety of lesbian stories in these two categories.  We are hopeful you will find some many great stories for your reading pleasure, and you will share them with other bibliophiles you know and love.

We are not just nerds who happen to enjoy Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or a host of other books and movies written for the “straight” world.  We are writing three-dimensional characters of various persuasions, including lesbians, who aren’t willing to be killed off for a plot line.

Take a moment and check out the sampler provided.  We are certain you will find something to match your tastes and preferences.   Come, let us introduce you to some authors and stories you may not have heard about.  You won’t be disappointed!

Featured authors:

May Dawney
Jea Hawkins
K’Anne Meinel
Isabella Svendsen
Barbara Winkes
Annette Mori
Adan Ramie
Prudence MacLeod
Kate Genet
Maria Siopis
Niamh Murphy
Lucy True
Eliza Andrews