Fangirl Friday: CLEXACON

Hey, everybody!


Okay, all — this is just a quick hit because I’m busy basically 24/7 at these things and this con in particular makes me ultra-happy and keeps me engaged like that.

Also, we’ve got the Dirt Road Books crew on the ground here, too! Michelle Teichman, R.G. Emanuelle, and Blythe Rippon (and me). WE ARE AT TABLE 114. Come and see us!

Last year’s attendance at the con was about 2200–which was freaking amazing for a first-year con.

This year, rumor is it’s around 4000 and ClexaCon UK will be launching in November, a pop-up event.

I am posting videos and photos on my Instagram account but also on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

At any rate, you can see some of the awesome-ness happening on the schedule HERE.

The vendor room is HOPPIN’, y’all, and today I moderated a panel on queer lady business with the founders of FanGirl Shirts; the CPO of Revry TV; the editor of Tagg Magazine, and the president of tello Films.

We got great audience involvement, and some awesome questions and this is just the best group EVER.

I also caught the Lost Girl Reunion panel and the Wynonna Earp panel.

Tomorrow there’s more crazy on the horizon and my colleague Lise MacTague and I will be recording and uploading our thoughts on Lez Geek Out! So stay tuned and take this thought with you:

If you want accurate/positive LGBTQ rep in media and business, support those businesses and media that provide it and, guess what? YOU can go out and start your own media and businesses to create it! THAT’S ultimately what ClexaCon is about: celebrating those representations and encouraging queer women to create and support more!

Happy Friday and may The Force be with you!


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