Road Tripping USA

So I’m going to keep it kind of short. I’m on the road for the next few months, touring this big, wonderful, complicated, stunning, confused country that I live in: the United Stated of America. Are we united? Reading the news, it sure doesn’t seem like it. It seems like we’re splitting apart at the seams. But are we really? This is one of the things I aim to find out. Have only been traveling eleven days so far. My partner Dixie and I are taking until late July. Seemed acres of time when we planned it. Already seems like it’s not nearly enough. We’re still in Arizona! We started in northern California.

Our mode of transportation is our ’91 Chevy conversion van, Maude, who just last night, while camping at Canyon Lake in the Tonto National Forest, we heard a couple of kids refer to as a “hippy van.” Dixie tricked her out with all kinds of comfort accouterments: screens for the double doors, thermal blackout panels for the windows, an awning for shade or rain. And we have a real comfortable bed. Glamping? Not quite. Van-ping more like it.

Weekends are the trickiest. State and national parks book up with all the weekend warriors who have the luxury of reserving sites, which we’re not doing because we’re flying by the seat of our pants. (As two women who improvise for a living, what else can we do?) This past weekend we wound up at a private campground at a lake in the middle of the desert in the Tonto National forest. It’s a man-made lake and the water toys were on parade. The campsites themselves were little more than dirt patches, so close to one another you could hear each other fart. Great people watching though! A big group of special needs adults moved in. They were lovely! And we had a very interesting conversation with the gal in the site next to us about gun control. She’s veteran, was carrying a 357 magnum, and has no problem with military-trained citizens owning personal assault rifles. It’s people who are the problem, she said, not guns. “And you can’t fix stupid.” She went on to say, “It’s too late for this country to turn around. The guns are already out there.”

If you’re interested in Dixie’s and my journey, check out my personal blog. And in the meantime, live the love. It’s all we’ve really got.

(This post actually written 4-15. Will be off the grid on the 18th!)

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  1. Have a wonderful time. Just to let you know something we found out when doing a cross country camping trip — even when national and state park campgrounds are sold out, they always keep one or two sites free that can’t be booked ahead of time, so it is always worth actually going to the park since often they can let you stay there even though it is fully booked.


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