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Happy Sunday, y’all! Check it out! Today we’re featuring an introductory Q&A with author Alex K. Thorne about her debut novel, Chasing Stars from Ylva Publishing. And, because she’s hella awesome, she’s giving away a paperback copy of Chasing Stars. Drop a comment in the space below to enter the drawing and I’ll announce the winner next Friday, May 4th.

Good luck!

Introduce yourself to the rest of the class. Who are you and what makes you tick?

Born and bred in South Africa, I spent most of my twenties globe-trotting, before a pretty lady convinced me to settle down in sunny Los Angeles. My days now consist of writing, drinking too much coffee, and dreaming of all the cats I want to adopt.

What does it mean to you to be an author? What makes a writer a writer?

I’ve only just started feeling comfortable describing myself as an author/writer, despite the fact that I’ve been writing stories since I was very young. I think I had to learn that there’s never a moment when someone shakes your hand and offers you a certificate that says ‘Congrats, You’re a Writer!’

So, to me, you’re a writer if you write. Add a little self-discipline and focus and you’re an author!

Are you promoting a specific book? Tell us about it. Include the book blurb if you’d like.

I am 🙂 My debut novel is called Chasing Stars. It’s a superhero/romance/fake-dating/butt-kicking extravaganza. So, you know, all the best tropes.

Chasing-Stars-1877x3000-Amazon-300dpiFor superhero Swiftwing, crime fighting isn’t her biggest battle. Nor is it having to meet the demanding whims of Hollywood screen goddess Gwen Knight as her mild-mannered assistant, Ava.

It’s doing all that, while tracking a giant alien bug, being asked to fake date her world-famous boss, and realizing that she might be coming down with a pesky case of feelings.

A fun, sweet, and sexy romance about the masks we all wear.

Tell us about your biggest guilty pleasure. For example, do you sit naked in your pantry in the middle of the night and eat Nutella with your fingers?

Staying up too late playing Candy Crush because I have two hours of free lives.

Tell us one thing that you’re passionate about. For example, would you strap yourself to an oil rigging a la Lucy Lawless with a Greenpeace sign in your hands?

I’m all about pushing for diversity and positive representation in media. I believe in the responsibility of creators to use their powers for good. As someone with younger sisters, I see how they consume media, model themselves and their world on what they watch and read. It’s important to me, as a writer, to represent women in all of their complexity.

What’s your writing process? That is, do you have a particular place you write and/or time of day? Do you have any particular things you do before you write? (e.g. do you listen to music, drink coffee, take dance breaks…)

I need to write early in the day, or writing ain’t gonna happen. I require at least one cup of coffee before 9am to function, and then I generally write until I get distracted. I’m trying to be better about setting goals and deadlines for myself.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you (unless you’d have to kill us, in which case tell us something that some people don’t know).

I’m probably the least mysterious person on the planet. Um…I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue?

Is there a book by another author that you wish you had written?

The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson. It’s a political fantasy that blew my mind. It’s smart, sensitive, and has one of the most complex female protagonists I’ve ever read.

If time and money were no problem, where would you most like to go in the world?

Everywhere? I love travelling, and am lucky enough to be with someone who feels the same, so if I could spend a few months travelling the world as a not-so penniless writer, I would. But, if I had to choose, then I’d probably like to explore Scandinavia.

And finally, what sorts of writing projects are next for you?

I’m really excited about my current work in progress—a steampunk urban fantasy. Think potion-makers, magic wars, steampunk London and awesome ladies. This is a story I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, and I’m really happy to be able to share it next year.

IMG-20180325-WA0019Alex K. Thorne is an LA-based author. She graduated from university in Cape Town, South Africa with a healthy love of the classics and a degree in English Literature.

She spent the decade, teaching across the globe, from Serbia to South Korea, where she spent her days writing fanfiction and developing a kimchi addiction.

When she’s not constantly picking away at her latest writing project, she’s immersing herself in geek culture, taking too many pictures of the cats and dreaming about where next to travel.


  1. Congratulations on the publication of your debut book, Alex! Chasing Stars sounds really interesting!


  2. I’m so glad your book is finished and out there. It sounds interesting. Count me in on the drawing please.


  3. The Lesbian Review mentioned how your debut novel “Chasing Stars” combines several tropes and themes into a compelling narrative that’s “difficult to put down,” so I’m going to check it out (saving up to purchase the Superheroine collection novels in paperback). And, because, yeah, lady superhero in giddy love with her lady boss!

    Now, your current work in progress also sounds like my jelly-jam—you had me at “think potion-makers, magic wars, steampunk London and awesome ladies.” So, if you need another beta reader or arc review junkie… 🙂


  4. Just reading what book you wish you’d written makes me want to read Chasing Stars. Congratulations on your debut–


  5. Enjoyed getting to know You and looking forward to Chasing Stars. I am owned by all the cats you wish you could live with. They make any day great.


  6. Congrats Alex! Your novel is already on my wish list so I will definitely be reading it eventually whether you draw my name for this or not.


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