A List of Procrastination

I was thinking about what to write for this blog post for a while and every topic I wanted to explore always came off as really edgy and depressing and strangely felt like a paper thesis for class. With the 200+ pages of academic reading I’ve been doing for the past semester, even the most basic things have gotten too tedious to enjoy. And so, I figured I’d share a few things that are keeping me sane while I drown in school work.

So without further ado, here’s my survival kit:

I’ve recently started watching Critical Role, a stream-based D&D game run by voice actors. It’s really fun and the DM has this amazing way of setting up the scenes and creating the story that really immerses the viewers in the world he’s built for his party. Also, each session is usually anywhere from three to over four hours long, and I personally found this to be so freeing because I don’t feel guilted into watching an entire episode all at once, and so can sneak in a few minutes whenever I have free time. (Also they’re really queer friendly, and inclusive. In the new campaign there was already a non-binary npc character, and at least one of the party characters is queer and possibly even three out of the seven.) crThey finished the first campaign a while back and the new one is seventeen episodes in, so if anyone plans to get into it, now’s the perfect time before the new campaign gets too long and daunting to catch up on.

I’m really into sci-fi books and queer books, so here are a few queer sci-fi books that I very, very highly recommend.

  • Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie is a first book in a trilogy, and holy crap it consumed me for a solid month. It’s not exactly queer in the sense that there’s same sex couple in it, and more so in the fact that the readers don’t really know the genders of any of the characters. There are “suggestions” in one or two places, like one character is said to have a beard in the opening pages, but there’s almost no other gendered descriptions in the entire trilogy and the way that world’s language is set up is really interesting because they only have one pronoun and so everyone linguistically is a “she”. Also. there are feels, and a lot of them. My heart is still bruised. aj  There is also a recently released standalone book, Provenance, within that same universe, and that one does have a canon lesbian relationship and a non-binary character with neutral pronouns! Just read it, it’s amazing.
  • Ammonite by Nicola Griffith is divine. After being immersed in Leckie’s world, it was really jarring to go back to books with stricter gender presentations, and so this was a good buffer. It’s a story about a planet populated only by women, and there’s no dudes butting in, and it’s super unique and interesting and viscerally physical in its prose. I really didn’t want to finish it because it was fun as hell. Also, the worldbuilding is so good. I really like world building. A lot.am
  • Necrotech by K.C.Alexander is a book I’m currently reading, and it’s a doozy. The prose is vicious and vulgar and the main character is really abrasive and violent, but what can I say, there is something about a lady kicking ass in a cyberpunk-y world that really gets me going. The fight scenes make me cringe and wince in phantom pain and the creative insults can make up an extensive arsenal for real life use if you really want to emotionally damage someone. (Also I discovered the author from her Mass Effect: Nexus Rising novel. The book gave off strong sapphic vibes, and boy was I right.)


And as always, I’m reading about 800 fics, so here are a few that really stuck with me.

  • Reframing the Question by MalachiTamim– A really heartfelt and heart wrenching korrasami fic revolving around a survivor of child abuse. I re-read it about six times already and it never gets old. The author has a bunch of fics and they’re all really unique.
  • We Need a New Song by uhpockuhlipz– I’ve been on a Supercorp kick and this one really stuck with me. It’s a ballet AU, but not how I would have expected it to be and is really good and gentle. Also ace!Kara, and who doesn’t like ace!Kara
  • Anything seabiscuit writes. The supercorp AUs are wild. Like, there’s an Amish AU, and when have you ever seen an Amish AU? And its great?! And what? Just… you just have to experience it yourself man.
  • Messenger by hundredhanded. A pharmercy fic set in ancient Greece with an emphasis on historical fiction. What in that sentence is not just perfect?

Okay, I’m gonna stop now because this is the most I’ve talked in weeks and I don’t want to do it anymore. Hope someone finds something to enjoy from this. Also drop some recommendations of your own, I’d love to see some of the stuff others are into.


  1. Will check out the Ancillary universe books by Ann Leckie and Nicola Griffith’s Ammonite. Thanks for the recs!


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