Fangirl Friday: WTF is everybody watching?

Hi, all!

Happy Friday!

So shit has been cray up in here and I wanted to know what everybody is watching so I can get in on the fun, too.

Here’s a list of stuff I’ve been watching on the teevee and that I most likely will blog in more detail after this month because y’all, May is cray. LOL

So here’s what I’m checking out, in no particular order:

Good gracious freaking hell. This is quite a ride (and I will be addressing it in more detail after the season ends). BBC America debuted this gem April 8 and it’s already been renewed for a second season after lots of acclaim.

The show was adapted from a series of novellas by Luke Jennings. Phoebe Waller-Bridge did the adapting; she’s known for her dark, dark comedy series Fleabag, which she wrote and stars in.

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in “Killing Eve”

Eve Polastri, played by a fabulous Sandra Oh, is an M15 operative who’s more analyst than field agent, and she has a fascination with assassins/contract killers. In fact, she’s been paying attention to a series of murders of influential people across Europe that she thinks is the work of one killer she suspects is a woman and eventually, she’s brought onto a secret team whose sole job is to track this one killer. And Eve is not even close to being 007. She’s clumsy, kind of schleppy, maybe a little neurotic. But she is a skilled analyst and sees patterns and picks up on things that others don’t, including the potential for a higher-level conspiracy.

That killer is Villanelle, played in an absolutely brilliant turn by Jodie Comer who makes Villanelle not only an effective killer but also a quirky, stylish and at times playful psychopath. And she is. She has absolutely no moral compass, no empathy, and no attachment to anyone — even the men and women she beds. She does, however, have a strange fascination with Eve, and thus begins a creepy cat-and-mouse game between these two. And I do mean creepy.

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in “Killing Eve”

It’s five episodes in, and if you have cable access, you can stream them off BBC America. You can also purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

This is a dramedy currently available on Netflix. There’s one season and sadly, it didn’t get renewed, but Season 1 alone should give you all kinds of nostalgic feels.

It follows the two groups of misfit teens (AV Club and Drama Club) in an Oregon high school in the 90s. In the AV Club we have Luke, a newcomer to the community and an aspiring filmmaker (his mom is black and his dad white, though his dad bailed on the family) who is crushed out on camerawoman Kate. For her part, Kate is trying to sort through her own identity — she’s dealing with feelings for girls. Her dad in the high school principal and her mom died a few years back. So she carries that wound.

Suffice it to say that Luke and Kate manage to piss off the drama club and to make amends, Luke proposes making a movie with them that they’ll then show to the school and the season follows this project as well as Luke and Kate trying to deal with issues in their personal lives.

I loved it because it really captures the awkwardness of high school and the drama and bittersweetness and yes, the awesomeness of that first crush. Though it took place a few years after I was done with high school, I could still relate to all of it. It’s a great show for teens and ‘tweens because the stories are universal and for older people, it’ll bring back some nostalgia.

See it on Netflix before it’s gone.

Or, ODAAT, as it’s known in the fandoms. This is the remake of the 1970s-early 1980s sitcom of the same name. Some of you may remember the original: it starred Bonnie Franklin as a divorced mother raising two daughters (played by Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips) in Indianapolis. It follows the trials and travails of a single working mom and her daughters living in an apartment complex with a goofy but somehow erudite handyman (Schneider) who becomes kind of part of the family.


The remake recreates the divorced working mom, but Penelope is Cuban American and a veteran, played by Justina Machado. Her ‘tween/teen kids are Alex (Marcel Ruiz) and Elena (Isabella Gomez). In another twist, Penelope’s mother lives with them in their apartment — Lydia, played by a fucking amazing Rita Moreno. WHO IS 86 IN REAL LIFE, PEOPLE. And she’s freaking hilarious in this! The goofy handyman role is played here by Todd Grinnell (Schneider), a privileged Canadian who ended up in LA and owns the building. He, too, ends up becoming part of the family in many ways, and that really shines when Elena is dealing with coming out as a lesbian.

The show has been renewed for a season 3; you can find the first 2 seasons streaming on Netflix. Like the original sitcom, each episode is about 30 minutes long. And you can find it on iTunes.

This is a gorgeously filmed post-apocalyptic drama you can watch on AMC. It just launched season 3. It’s loosely based on a 16th-century Chinese book written by author Wu Cheng’ En called Journey to the West, considered one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature and follows the pilgrimage of a Tang Dynasty Buddhist monk to the western regions (i.e. Central Asia and India) to obtain sacred texts.

Into the Badlands, on the other hand, is a story of a feudal society 500 years after the apocalypse in what was the U.S. in which warlords (called Barons) battle each other for primacy. In this world, there is no electricity and no guns, so warfare and weaponry involve brilliant and dazzling displays of martial artistry. Each Baron has at his or her command warriors (both men and women) and so-called Regents who are often also “clippers,” or what we might consider Samurai of the new age (Daniel Wu plays clipper Sunny and he is amazing). The deadliest of warriors, they operate at the behest of the baron they serve, but they’re also granted considerable leeway.

There’s loads of political intrigue, some queer rep (the warrior daughter of one of the barons prefers the ladies), and amazing fight scenes. It’s also graphic when it comes to gore, but it’s done in such a way that it’s almost like an homage to Samurai or Kung Fu movies. And really, it’s just a beautiful show to watch, in the vibrant colors and costumes and the camerawork. And the characters. Villains and antiheroes galore.

Here’s a fight scene from S1 with one of the Barons known as “The Widow”:

I mean…moar, plz.

You can watch Into the Badlands on AMC. The first two seasons are available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

So what are YOU watching? Let me know in the comments and why you like it. And also, if you want to fangirl over something, drop us a line at the Contact page and I’ll get you scheduled for a Fangirl Friday!

Happy Friday and may the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. I’ve been doing a lot of binge watching lately and also finished Into the Badlands. I didn’t think I would like it but did find it entertaining. I prefer shows with a good female lead but this one wasn’t bad. I just finished Wynona Earp and while I wasn’t sure about this show holding my attention it really did. Towards the middle of the last season it gets a bit too far fetched even for me, but it still kept me watching and waiting to see what happened from one episode to the next. It’s got some good kick ass women on it which is a huge plus. Next I’m going to try Van Helsing, but I’m not so into vampires so I don’t know how that will go for me.

    Happy watching everyone.


  2. I absolutely love Killing Eve! The dark side of Villanelle is so creepy! But her humorous, almost childlike side is so endearing!
    Sandra Oh…. what can you say! Awesomeness!!! She is amazing in this part! The scene in her kitchen is scary, but it shows the curious side of her character! Really an outstanding show!


  3. Have you watched the first 3 episodes? Not sure you’ll enjoy Octavia’s character or what’s happened in the bunker. Though I suppose it’s to be expected, given the societies that created them.


  4. Okay if I fess up you got to remember that I’ve spent decades watching anything and I mean anything with a hint of women loving women.

    Ghost Wars. The mayor and the doctor are a couple with two daughters and they’re lesbians. The mayor and doctor not the daughters. Don’t watch it. The title says it all but I got sucked in. I was about to stop watching then the asshole Mayor went home to the doctor and I was tuna on the line.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  5. My latest are Killing Eve (scrumptious) and just binged s1 of Goliath on Prime. Other weekly dips into the addiction pool include The 100/s5, Blindspot/s3, Badlands/s3, and Quantico/s3.

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  6. One Day At A Time. The moment they had the mother, Penelope, sing Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” in her workhorse-beat-up car, all off key and super loud in front of her kids, who were extremely embarrassed by it but knew that’s just how their mother is and rolled with it… I knew I’d love the show. And, when Elena came out and her grandmother, Lydia, was like “okay” and just went on as usual… I knew I’d really love the show.

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  7. I love Killing Eve SO MUCH but didn’t even realize Phoebe Waller-Bridge had anything to do with it. Fleabag is FANTASTIC and if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t watched it yet, I thought it was brilliant.

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  8. Also… binge watching Black Lightning on Netflix… can go on for hours about what that show gets right about: sisters and their interactions with each other (my older sister and I were both nerds, she was cooler though, so we bumped heads over me ‘borrowing’ her trendy clothes); fathers and their interactions with their daughters (my father quoted sayings to us too); and black girls interactions with each other (both healthy friendships that don’t revolve around boys, and showing how issues of colorism/bullying in unhealthy interactions needs to stop).

    Happy that both Black Lightning and his ex-wife embrace their daughter being a lesbian, and she’s not closeted, and it’s not used as a plot point… just wish they’d show Anissa in a healthy relationship… she was kinda douchey to her girlfriend who rightly dumped her… and we barely had any scope of who her girlfriend was before that breakup. Hope she’s headed toward some type of relationship with another woman that is healthy and not tragic.

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