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I was going to blog about Avengers: Infinity War, but I’m still having issues with that movie for a number of reasons, so I thought I’d just give y’all some news n’ views and some gossip regarding shows and movies and all of that.

Yesterday the big news circulating in my fandoms was the announcement that a major DC comics character is on her way to the Arrowverse on the CW — BATWOMAN will be playing a role in the CW’s annual crossover event that includes Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and The Flash. So basically, Gotham City will also be playing a role for the first time in the Arrowverse, since that’s Batwoman’s stomping grounds.

From G.N. Ellis Twitter feed; Ellis is managing editor and media critic at Fandomentals.

Holy Bat Signals, y’all. Batwoman has a long history in the DC universe, making her first appearance in 1956 Detective Comics as a love interest for Batman around whom gay rumors were circulating. In 2006, however, DC re-launched Batwoman as Kate Kane, a Jewish lesbian, in DC’s 52 series. Kate Kane’s romantic interest in this run was detective Renee Montoya. In 2010, Batwoman started appearing in the self-titled series “Batwoman.” After one of those “0” issues, the series launched fully in 2011 with Batwoman #1. In this incarnation, Kate hooks up with detective Maggie Sawyer and proposes to her in issue 17.

Then in 2013, Batwoman’s co-authors announced they were leaving the comic because of creative differences over storylines and DC also announced that Kate Kane wouldn’t be getting married because “heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives.”

Batwoman was cancelled in 2014 at issue 40, along with 12 other series, but re-launched in 2017 and yes, she is still a lesbian.

So we don’t know what role Batwoman will play in the crossover, or who’s going to take on the cowl, but I am of the same opinion as Ladies of Comics…

Ladies of Comics Twitter feed.

I also saw trepidation among fans because of the CW’s history with the BYG trope (in this case, not only bury your gays, but break up your gays, as in the case of Alex Danvers in Supergirl) and with not doing right by the women in some of their series on the network. At any rate, I’m waiting to see who they tap to play this iconic superhero, one of my personal faves.

We have a premiere date for S3 of Wynonna Earp, and fan campaigns have already begun on social media to get a season 4. Friday July 20 is the date, 9 PM EST/8 PM CST, right before Killjoys on SyFy.

Here’s more gossip, and I was on hand at ClexaCon in April to get this grooviness but I saved it to lay it on you here in conjunction with this update. Anna Silk, who played succubus Bo in fab urban fantasy series Lost Girl (if you have not watched this, WHY NOT? GO! STREAM IT!) will be joining the cast, but there’s not much else we know except her character is named Kevin, after Kevin Bachelder, one of the hosts of the beloved WE podcast Tales of the Black Badge.

Also tapped from the Lost Girl cast is Zoie Palmer, who played Dr. Lauren Lewis (and one of Bo’s love interests). She’ll play a guest role as Jolene, the “fun-loving friend who enjoys karaoke, baking for her best buddies and creating mayhem wherever she goes. She’s also smart, knows a secret or two and if you don’t watch out, she’ll either steal your partner or your heart,” according to SyFy Wire.

And Reign actress Megan Follows has been tapped to play Michelle Earp, Wynonna and Waverly’s mom (though we still don’t know for sure the deal with Waverly’s backstory…)

Still no word when S2 will be available for streaming on Netflix, but you can stream it off Amazon.

My current fave space opera Killjoys will air Friday nights right after Wynonna Earp, so YAY my summer Friday nights are good to go! S4 begins Friday July 30, 10 PM EST/9 PM CST.

We know that Killjoys gets one more season after this, which is sad but at least showrunner Michelle Lovretta will be able to wrap it up in a way that makes sense.

Fellow fangirl and author Lise MacTague and I raved about Killjoys recently on our podcast, Lez Geek Out!. So if you’d like more info and want to listen to us do that raving, check it out.

I was super bummed when SyFy pulled the plug on my other fave space opera Dark Matter last year after Season 3 (though it was supposed to be 5 seasons, apparently DAMN YOU SYFY I LOVE YOU FOR KILLJOYS AND WYNONNA EARP BUT I KIND OF HATE YOU FOR BOOTING DARK MATTER). But yesterday while I was running around on the Twitterz, I saw that DM showrunner Joseph Mallozzi is doing a “virtual Season 4” on Twitter and his blog, basically a “therapeutic exercise” — writing a possible Season 4.

So if you’re interested (as I am), check out his blog about it from yesterday HERE, and see the rundown of virtual 4.01 Act 1. He’s got 4.01 Act 2 going on his Twitter feed.

What a great exercise and creative endeavor. Thanks, JM! And you can find him on Twitter: @BaronDestructo.

You can find out more about Dark Matter on the Lez Geek Out! podcast and here on Fangirl Friday.

I am a huge Deadpool fan, and Ryan Reynolds, I think, really captures the irreverent, obnoxious, snarky, raunchy, antihero-ish but strangely beloved qualities of this guy, who is also a mercenary in canon. If obnoxious and often juvenile humor with sharp undercurrents, lots of cursing and raunchiness isn’t your thing in a superhero movie, Deadpool probably isn’t for you (the movies have “R” ratings for that and violence, so they’re not for young kids, either; use your discretion).

The character himself — Wade Wilson — debuted in Marvel comics in 1997. His backstory remains somewhat shrouded, though it seems his mother died of cancer while he was young and he went juvie delinquent, possibly to spite his military father. After a brief military career, he became a mercenary then ended up being diagnosed with cancer himself, and rather than remain with the woman in his life and die, he broke up with her but entered a special (and secret) weapons development program run by the Canadian government (Deadpool is Canadian, as is Reynolds…hmmm) and became a test subject in a human enhancement project, which basically cured his cancer and gave him extra healing properties.

Wilson was subjected to tortures and icky experiments at the hands of a sadistic doctor and his equally sadistic assistant, and ended up becoming physically scarred all over his face and body, which is part of why he wears the costume he does. After he escapes from the facility, he goes back to his mercenary ways. In the comic, he takes the name “deadpool” because while in the facility, the patients would place bets in a “deadpool” as to how long each would live.

I absolutely loved Deadpool 1 (2016), so I’m really looking forward the 2nd. I hope it lives up to the trailers. Here’s the official trailer and WARNING. Probably not safe for some workplaces (strong language, violence):

This drops in theaters May 25. It’s basically the backstory for Han Solo and the trailer looks freaking off the chain.

One of my fanfolk posted an article on the Twitterz yesterday about the character of Lando Calrissian (played by Donald Glover), who is in Solo, and apparently one of the writers confirmed that Lando’s character is pansexual in the movie, but it remains to be seen, of course, whether or not that will actually be in the movie. After all, the character of Valkyrie (an awesome Tessa Thompson) in Thor: Ragnarok is bi but the scene that would have confirmed it was cut from the movie. So…still waiting on that queer rep in the Star Wars ‘verse, y’all.

The Verge also kind of snorted at Calrissian’s alleged pansexuality and notes the following:

While GLAAD defines pansexuality as attraction “to all gender identities, or [attraction] to people regardless of gender,” in this case, Kasdan [one of the movie’s writers] is applying it over-generously. The film’s trailers have prompted discussion over Lando’s flirty banter with Han, and even a potential attraction between Lando and his droid co-pilot L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge). But this act of retroactively making characters queer off-screen — which we’ll call the Rowling Rule — panders to audiences without actually offering real change. It’s a tiresome pattern in which fans are teased (the popular term here is “queerbaiting”) rather than rewarded with concrete representation.

Yeah. There’s that. Regardless, here’s the trailer for it and yes, I OF COURSE will be seeing it.

So there you go! Some haps around the fandoms. And if YOU have a tip or some info you think is awesome along fandom lines for whatever you’re watching, LET ME KNOW! Drop me a line at the Contact page, above, OR post it here in the comments.

And if you’d like to fangirl (or fanboy or fanboi or fan) over something in this space, just let me know and I’ll hook you right up with a Friday.

Happy Friday, y’all, and may The Force be with you.