For the reader in your life

Buying gifts for a reader is tricky. Unless your reader is actively supply you with an up-to-date wish list that includes new releases and doesn’t include newly purchased, then the odds are seriously against you getting the right book.

Yes, I agree that it’s the thought that counts when giving a gift, and no decent human being will complain because you bought her a second copy of a book she loves. Still, as the gift giver, you’ll feel better if it’s the book she wants. Otherwise, why spend the time and money getting a gift in the first place?

***Pro-Tip: If your friend does this, complains because you bought her the wrong book, or wrong anything really, it’s probably time to re-evaluate that friendship. And by re-evaluate, I mean break up. Maybe.***

And yes, gift cards for her favorite bookshop is never a bad idea. Who doesn’t like getting money that can be turned into books? In fact, with Amazon, it’s easier than ever because you can send a gift card through email. That shit’s just fancy.

So, knowing that you can’t go wrong even if you buy the wrong book or you send a gift card, I’m going to made a couple of gift giving suggestions. The perfect gift for the reader in your life (thus the title of this blog).

Today’s featured gift suggestions are:

She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.

You can pick up this fabulous mug featuring a quote from Annie Dillard on Etsy. You’re welcome.


Box set of banned books

As a reader, I get a special thrill when I buy a book that was previously banned. In honor of my socially deviant side, I offer the following: It’s a box set of banned books. But not just any box set. It’s a matchbox set! Meaning, there are matches inside the books. Or the books are actually matchboxes. Either way, the irony makes me giggle.

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Alice in Wonderland Kaleidoscope Necklace

Yes, really! It’s a tiny kaleidoscope on a chain that you can wear around your neck and it features Alice on the outside. You cannot convince me that the reader in your life doesn’t need one of these. In fact, the next time one of you sees my wife, please let her know that I need one.




That’s it for this blog. I’ll be back in a month. Maybe with more gift ideas because shopping is fun. Or maybe with something completely different. In the meantime, y’all can leave your gift suggestions in the comments. I know y’all have some.

Stay tuned…


    • And I’m with others that say unless you know for sure someone wants a particular book, don’t do it. I rarely buy books for other people unless I am 100 percent sure they don’t have it and would like it. It’s a very personal thing, like buying them clothes.


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