Which Favorite?

Today a friend texted me: Random question, what is your favorite book?

My immediate thought was, “Favorite book?! I don’t have a favorite book. I have a hundred books I love.”

For me, a favorite book can be a matter of the season, or a matter of my mood, or just what happens to be prominent in my brain at the moment. It turns out she needed a recommendation for a book game she was playing, similar to the Lesfic Bingo Jae set up (https://jae-fiction.com/lesbian-book-bingo/). The most recent Book Bingo blog is about favorites. I ended up giving my friend a short list of mainstream books I have loved over the years. I think she will end up choosing Erin Morganstern’s The Night Circus.

“Favorite” has come up a few times recently. A couple of weeks ago Sheena Lemos Ebersohn asked me if she could chat with me on her podcast. I happily agreed (http://www.thelesbiantalkshow.com/ann-etter-recommends-5-lesbian-romances/). Her instruction was to choose my top five f/f books. Really?! Only five?! You can listen this coming Wednesday to the Lesbian Talk Show podcast to hear the five favorites I chose to discuss with her.

There are so many more books I love. A lot have been included in my monthly blog posts here and I have decided not to list anything in this post that I have already used (and I hope I have not). Here are five (ok, seven) books that are on my favorites list that I have not yet mentioned. In no particular order.


Survived By Her Longtime Companion by Chris Paynter. This book. I must have read it four times soon after I discovered it. 0BE4DB99-85ED-45D8-9C80-A506E42E540BIt combines a modern love story with the telling of a love story from mid-20th century Hollywood. The two modern protagonists work their way back to each other as they learn the story of Eleanor and her late partner.




Without A Front by Fletcher DeLancey. These two books (The Producer’s Challenge and The Warrior’s Challenge) make up the larger story of Tal and Salomon. One of the most enjoyable couples I have had the



pleasure of reading. Set against a backdrop of intrigue and family issues, the romance blossoms while the world spins into chaos around them. If you have not yet read it, be glad you didn’t have to wait the month for the second half to come out, it was torture.

Rum Spring by Yolanda Wallace. I love the setting of this book. Amish culture has always fascinated me. The concept of Rumspringa is so far removed from anything I have ever experienced. 9F5C9973-A30E-436E-B044-43E94E58FA5EThe choice Rebecca has to make at a young age is challenging, and that resonated with me. I made an equally adult, but different type of choice at about the same age. The decisions that change our lives. This is a book I have recommended to young friends on several occasions.





Body Language by Kenna White. With a minor (3 day visit) knowledge of Venice and a strong interest in history,C548D159-C52A-489F-82DB-B95D6C3B65A2 this book captured my attention. The book also features some very entertaining secondary characters. I can’t even count the number of times I have read it, wanting to escape into the story.





Harmony by Karis Walsh. This was one of the first f/f books I re-read. Over and over. There is something about Andrea and Brooke that speaks to me. FE25EE85-5BB2-4A9A-AAAC-BE5FFCB0922FI love the music that permeates the story. I love the trajectory of their relationship.





Touch Me Gently by D Jackson Leigh. I love what the author does with this story. I adore horses so their constant presence in the story adds to my enjoyment of it. D65AE8F7-183F-449F-949C-C13786FE9F7FSalem and Knox are well matched. The book has a little of the mystical in it which stretches the suspension of disbelief while enriching the story. Knox is one of my favorite characters.




While writing this I thought of more books I could have listed. Do you have a favorite? Or twelve favorites? Or a hundred favorites?


  1. Thank you, Ann, for the shout out. I’m honored to be in such fine company! A favorite of mine is “And Playing the Role of Herself” by K.E. Lane. A recent one I’ve read is now one of my all-time favorites—“Strawberry Summer” by Melissa Brayden. There are many more, but those are two of my faves. 😊

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  2. Reblogged this on Auntwheezie's Blog and commented:
    I find myself in agreement with this summation ‘a favorite book can be a matter of the season, or a matter of my mood, or just what happens to be prominent in my brain at the moment.’ I do nut understand how anyone can have just one favorite. There are so many books to love and I love 95% of those I have read, both lesbian and mainstream.


  3. I have not had the please of reading any of Fletcher DeLancey’s works which I will have to rectify. I have however read all the other books in this article. I have read them all more than once and I still sniffle a little when I read ‘Survived By Her Longtime Companion’.


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