Just a few words today, Women

I celebrated my birthday last week (and no, I’m not trolling for presents!) and I found myself oddly euphoric. I’m not complaining–I got a kick out of watching me enjoy myself so much–but I did want to know why I was so happy. Then I got it: I’m still here. The gift of life. I have paid lip service to the concept of living in the moment but by jingies I think I finally got it! It required a great number of birthdays to achieve this wisdom. I didn’t need cake or champagne (and yes, I had both!) to fuel my celebration. The thought was sufficient: I’m still here. As a young woman I never marveled at the fact of my existence. Because the moments moved by so quickly? Do they pass more slowly now…or perhaps I have slowed. I’m still here and savoring every moment. Happy Birthday to me.

If you live in a state that holds a primary election today, as I do, please go vote. We know too well what can happen if we don’t.

Claim your life’s moments, Women.


7 thoughts on “Just a few words today, Women

  1. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Penny. I share your happy feelings about being alive and I consider it one of the rewards of being older. We have time to notice and appreciate all the little miracles that surround us…the nest of newborn finches nestled in the flower box outside my bedroom window, the sun drops’ bright yellow blossoms, my spouse staring at the calendar as she coordinates her planting dates with our vacation schedule.

    Here’s to your good health and more happy times! And yes, indeed, I’ll be voting in November!

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