Yo Baby, Welcome to Pride Month!

I have no idea how June showed up so fast, but here we are a quarter into Pride Month! It’s always a big month for No Limits Printing, the name I gave my company before I understood how many limits we really had. It’s under this semi-rumpled umbrella I sell my books, custom stamped rings, and pride merchandise—some of which Betty and Angel and I make.

Our pride month started the first weekend in June, with East Central Minnesota Pride, in Pine City. It’s a tiny pride, but we always head up and take part when we can to help support our small town LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. It was a windy, cool day, and Betty was ready to flip a cork the third time a big old gust came and scattered the twenty some kinds of flags we had front and center all over the ground. The chilly temp helped the sales of a new item we are trying out: hoodies with pride designs. Here’s a picture of our booth with the flags where they were supposed to be!

Despite the weather, we had a good day with the exception of the usual dude in his Confederate Flag laden, rusty white dually. He made a few passes on the road bordering the park with his engine gunned and black smoke pouring out of his oversized chrome tailpipes. Aside from him, the event was awesome.

Next came a pride brand new to us. Golden Valley is an inner ring suburb of Minneapolis, and the city began having their own pride festival two weeks before the main event, Twin Cities Pride, about three years ago. This year we hopped on their apple cart and it was a great time! The load in was a snap, and the turnout was awesome! The best part was the five food trucks that showed up to feed the rainbow masses.

We tried two pasties (Paaasties not payysties) from Potter’s Pasties and Pies. They were good but would have been better without rosemary gravy on the beef or nutmeg in the chicken. The one outstanding item we tried were steak tots at The Outlaw Grill. OMG they were crunchy and savory and absolutely delish!

While Angel and I were in line for the bathroom, we were approached by a woman from Outfront Minnesota who was collecting pledges to vote in November. It didn’t matter which party or which candidate, it was just a pledge to show up and do your civic duty. I thought that was a refreshing change from the heavy-handed but well-intentioned folks charged with ensuring a vote for their candidate of choice. You can bet your bottom dollar Angel, Betty, and I will be showing up! Here’s a picture of Angel and me at the rainbow balloon arch.

Upcoming is Twin Cities Pride, a huge rainbow gathering of close to 300,000 people; Duluth, an amazing Lake Superior port city; and our hometown St. Cloud Pride. I’d like to wish everyone a happy pride season. I know it will be thrilling, fun, emotional, and bittersweet. Go forth and speak your truth if you can, and if not, simply show up. I promise you won’t be sorry.


  1. Happy Pride. Always so interesting to hear about the different Prides around the country and world. Our Pride is next week. St. Petersburg is one of the biggest in Florida. Renee MacKenzie and I will be doing a booth together there.

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    • Happy Pride, Alison! It is fun to learn about other prides and how they work. I hope you and Renee have a great time at St. Petersburg Pride. I imagine it will be a hot one?? I’ve thought about making a trip down to hit some pride fests, but the heat has scared this cold Minnesotan off LOL If you get a chance, drop a note here so we call can get a taste of your pride!


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