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A reader’s perspective on making hard decisions. 

This month Ann Etter started off the Reader’s Perspective with an awesome blog on favorites. Awesome because, well it’s Ann and everything she does is awesome, but also because she actually narrowed her extensive list of book’s read into a list of favorites!! (Check it out here!) Not only did she blog about it, she did a guest show on The Lesbian Talk show and shared again! (check that out here!) For me, the idea was such an intimidating one, that I passed on listing mine last week. This week, though, I think I found a cheat around. Instead of choosing a list of favorites from all the LesFic I have read over the years, I thought I would highlight a list from the books I’ve read so far this year. How hard could that be right? HARD! Seriously! But alas, here are some of my favorites so far and the year is only half done. Oh, and I’m so going to cheat so be prepared!

Little Dip (Garoul Book 5) by [McKnight, Gill]I’m going to blame Gill McKnight for my first cheat, because I actually read Little Dip last year, but up until that point I hadn’t read anything in the Garoul series. Ambereye (Garoul Series Book 2) by [McKnight, Gill]Well, as soon as I finished reading Little Dip I was ordering all the remaining books in the series and conveniently enough for this list- read them this year. It’s hard to choose a favorite out of a whole series, I would much rather say READ THEM ALL!, but if I must choose just one to call a favorite, it would be Ambereye because it had some incredibly funny interactions between Hope and Jolie. Jolie, being a socially awkward werewolf, and Hope being the sweetheart of the office who puts Jolie in her place as well as draws her into the world of the civilized. The whole exchange with the office chair was so perfect and so funny I am chuckling right now just remembering it. You’ll no what I mean when you finish reading it! So for a supernatural favorite this is my choice.

Who'd Have Thought by [Benson, G]My next choice is only a cheat because I originally read it last year, but I found it on Audibles and am listening to it right now. Technically I haven’t finished it this year, BUT I’m more than halfway through G. Benson’s Who’d Have Thought? and it is still as amazing, funny, romantic, touching, and thoughtful as the first time I read it. G. Benson has such a talent for telling a complete story that delves deeper into the characters making the reader feel along with them. She takes something as simple as buckling a child into a car seat and turns it into a laugh out loud event, but at the same time, showing the character’s history, experience and mindset when it comes to kids and interacting with them. I absolutely love Sam and how she is the perfect balance to Hayden’s personality. Together they make an excellent fake relationship love story and my favorite for this year.

Charming the Vicar by [Frame, Jenny]For some reason I am listening to a lot of audio books this year and I would have to say my favorite narrator right now is Nicola Victoria Vincent. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous and it is soooo easy to hear the different voices of each character with her voice variations. That is why I am struggling between choosing between Jenny Frame’s Charming the Vicar and Unexpected. Unexpected by [Frame, Jenny]Both are narrated by Ms. Vincent and both are wonderfully done. I think I am leaning a little bit more toward Charming the Vicar because I love a series and this story allows us to see the slightly unconventional Bridget whose character was awesome in Courting the Countess. It was a tough decision though because the accent that Ms. Vincent uses for the character of Dale in Unexpected is enough to make one swoon! Did I clearly determine a favorite there? Oh well. All of them are wonderful stories to listen to and if you haven’t had a chance to experience an audio book, I would highly recommend one of these to start with.

Not-So-Straight Sue (Girl Meets Girl Book 2) by [Blue, Cheyenne]The last story I chose from my list of books read this year, would be a favorite bucket list location and that is Australia. Cheyenne Blue’s second in her Girl Meets Girl series is Not So Straight Sue and this follows Sue’s journey to self-acceptance as she travels from London back to her home in the Outback of Australia. A personality of a country is captured in descriptions of people and places and definitely made me want to visit. I absolutely know I am not tough enough to do more than visit the Outback, but just through reading I was able to feel the heat, see the red dust, hear the breeze and the flies, and fully understand how rocking on the porch nodding to the neighbors walking by seems absolutely perfect. Overall it is a sweet romance between Sue and Mona as well as with the Outback and finding home.

So what are your favorite LesFic stories you have read so far this year? Tough question huh? But I would love to hear some new titles from new and experienced authors.


  1. Great list – I wholeheartedly agree.
    Just read an advance copy of Ann McMan‘s Beowulf for Cretins and excellent read.
    For those who want a celebration of life, death and love with an intense poetic language I‘d recommend The Smell of Rain by Cameron MacElvee.
    Both are reads off the beaten romance path but absolutely worth it.
    And for some easy reading anything by H.P. Logan.

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  2. These blogs are so dangerous for me because I end up adding more books to my already daunting tbr list. I finally read a book, a novella actually, that’s been on that list for awhile now and I can’t stop thinking about it and raving about it. Passing Strange by Ellen Klages. It’s a lesbian romance set in 1939 San Francisco. The author’s descriptions of that time and place, including what it was like to live as a lesbian then, are fascinating. The characters are wonderful, unique and engaging. I was so very sorry to see them go, I still have a hangover three days later and am having a hard time starting something new.

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    • I always say that historical romances aren’t my favorite but then I read a story like what you are describing and just love them! In that time frame have you read Jae’s “Shaken to the Core”? I really enjoyed that one! Thanks for the recommendation of “Passing Strange” and thanks for reading justdar!

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  3. Wow! Thanks, Ann. That was a lovely surprise to see Not-So-Straight Sue on your list. 🙂 I’m dipping in and out of the Gaoul series at the moment and loving it. There are just so many great books around at the moment, I’d be battling if I tried to narrow down a list.

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    • I know! Coming up with a list of favorites is such a challenge for me because I really do like 99% of all the stories I read. Some stories and characters stick around in my head longer than others though- kind of like Mona and Sue. Fenced-in-Felix is next up- though I kind of cheated and read Almost-Married-Mona already. I just had to know how they were doing. The wedding attire was definitely memorable!!
      Thanks for reading Cheyenne Blue and thanks for writing such fun stories!!

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      • Oh crap, Erin, I’m so sorry. I read this post on my phone in bed and my phone didn’t show the author of this post. I’m over here, crawling under my doona in embarrassment.

        I hope you enjoy Felix. I’ll just stay here and reappear in spring. ..

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  4. Your blog and the comments rang lots of bells for me. I just read The Goodmans and recently read Passing Strange. I’m a big fan of Gill Mcknight and especially the Garoul series(I had read them all before but had to go back and reread after reading Little Dip). I’m also a Jenny Frame fan and a Cheyenne Blue fan. They recruited me to be on a readers’ round table at GCLS, and I’m going crazy trying to narrow down what I want to talk about.

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