Writing the little novel that almost didn’t make it by Emily L. Byrne (Plus a FREE book!)

medusas_touch_ebk_websizeCongratulations to Aiden Arms, the winner of Medusa’s Touch by Emily L. Byrne.

Check it out! Emily L. Byrne joins us today to talk about her new book, Medusa’s Touch! Plus, because she’s awesome, she’s giving away a free ebook copy! Drop a comment in the space below and I’ll draw a winner on Friday, June 29.

Good luck!

Medusa’s Touch is my new sexy lesfic science fiction romance. It’s been over three years in the making and it almost didn’t happen at all. Getting a novel written (and rewritten and rewritten again and edited and rewritten, etc.) is a challenge all by itself. Navigating through the publishing process can be an even bigger one.

In this case, it all began with a long short story, edging into novella territory. And with a deadline, which is how a lot of my writing stories go. I needed a fresh idea for some hot erotica and I decided to give cyberpunk a try. Pilot-Captain TiCara X273 popped into my head: spaceship pilot, driven, egotistical, damaged by her past. TiCara is also a medusa pilot, with tentacle-like implants that link her brain directly into a ship’s computer, one of a rare breed. She falls hard for a mystery woman with more than her fair share of secrets.

I wrote the story, it got published and ended up as a finalist for the Spectrum Awards the following year. I did a victory dance, then went on with my life.

Except, not quite. My wife liked the characters and liked the story and wanted to know why I wasn’t doing more with it. Every now and again, someone else chimed in on the same theme. I started playing with the original story, adding more plot, more world building, developing the characters.

Then, one fine day, an acquisitions editor from a medium-sized romance publisher reached out to me about a different project. It wasn’t one that I thought that publisher was a great fit for, for a variety of reasons, so I pitched them the nascent Medusa’s Touch as an erotic romance instead.  The editor liked it enough to ask for a couple of other pitches for unrelated books. I sent in my proposals, I got an enthusiastic response and then…I got the contract. Suffice to say that I had enough concerns about it that I hired a lawyer with a publishing background to review it. She had thoughts, many thoughts, all of them along the lines of “Don’t sign anything that looks like this.” I tried to negotiate, but the acquisitions editor had already departed for greener pastures and I was told the contract was written in stone.

I refused to sign it as it was and that, as they say, was that. After that, my personal life and my writing hit an iceberg. It went on for one long, dreary, hopeless year. Then, the publisher that I had failed to connect with imploded, I got some short fiction published and I got the rights to my previously published work back, pretty much all in a row.

I decided to follow my dream and start Queen of Swords Press, using my own books to start with. And it has been an adventure! But through it all, TiCara and her beloved, mysterious Sherin Khan and their world stayed with me, clamoring for a book of their own.  Welcome to Medusa’s Touch. Betrayal, desire and danger: how did a simple side job go so wrong? Medusa Pilot TiCara X273 is in over her implants and she’s going to need all the help she can get from the lovely Sherin Khan…if she can learn to trust her.

Emily L. Byrne pub photoEmily L. Byrne’s stories have appeared in such venues as Bossier, Candy Lovers, Forbidden Fruit, First, Summer Love, Best Lesbian Erotica 20th Anniversary Edition, Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol. 2, First, Witches, Princesses and Women at Arms, Blood in the Rain 3 and The Nobilis Erotica Podcast. Her collections, Knife’s Edge: Kinky Lesbian Erotica and Desire: Sensual Lesbian Erotica, are available from Queen of Swords Press.

Website: http://writeremilylbyrne.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @emilylbyrne

Facebook: www.facebook.com/writeremilylbyrne/

Publisher: Queen of Swords Press www.queenofswordspress.com


  1. This leaves one reader at least keen to see the novel! Thank you for the back publishing story – novel worthy in its own right!


  2. It really does sound like you’ve had an adventure with this book and I’m glad it’s all worked out for you in the end. I see this book is listed on Overdrive too so I have added it to my list of recommended titles for my library to purchase; sounds like an intriguing read.
    Best wishes to you.


  3. Funny how life makes things work out. Glad that it did for you. Glad for me also, because this sounds like a book I really want to read! Added it to my wishlist. Oh, I like the cover, too!


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