Time in Vonnie Land Number 383

I don’t know why I picked the #383 – It just happened.

Here we are again! Another rambling, roundabout look into an ADD author’s (mine!) life.

More’s the pity – I don’t have any pearls of wisdom, writing tips, excerpts, love notes from my characters, or anything of value going on to share with you today.


Time has flown by so quickly, the…

Wait – Let me refresh your memory of how it works over here where I live.


As if I hadn’t told a hundred times. (Hey, I could I have a new reader, right?)

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Over here in Vonnie Land – time is irrelevant. It’s a slippery thing – it ducks for cover, hides, and plain runs away from home. Mostly with my muse, Macy, (‘cuz it rhymes with Racy) But we’re not talking about her today.

Oh, we have a big clock on the wall in the living room. It’s the only thing I hung back on the wall after we painted -LAST JULY. (I’m still waiting for the perfect time.)


But, stay with me here, for me: It was just the other day.

Because for one reason or another – I’ve read 200 books (some for the 20th time) watched a 200 movies, yes there are repeats, 200 television programs (please, let’s not mention the way you can watch several seasons of television series with the simple “next episode” feature), and spent the equivalent of a year on Twitter bemoaning the state of our country.

Currently, to get myself OUT of that state of mind – I’ve watched at least 15 stand up comedy routines in the last 3 days.

I am addicted to everything. If it looks, tastes, or feels good – I’m there.

addicted to everything

If you didn’t – you should. In all honesty, it’s very true. Only now, instead of party favors, it’s reading, watching, eating, whatever takes me away – I don’t do Calgon – the plug doesn’t work in my tub. And to fix that, I’d actually have to leave the house (then remember the size even if I checked before I left.

I can’t put that on Sandy either, as she doesn’t do Calgon either, nor does she want to. And really, who remembers they need a bathtub stopper when they stop by the Walmart?

Side note: As if you couldn’t tell, they took my Adderol away. If you read my blogs, you’ll probably be able to see that. I think it’s been a couple of years.

But, for me, it was the other day.

Holy mother of god – what was my freaking point?

Somewhere in this blog I was going to tell you I just put clothes away in a basket in my bedroom – that had long johns in it.

Somewhere in this blog I was going to tell you I tried to break the bathroom floor with my face! (Jove has the picture…LOL) Which is why I missed last month’s blog. Well that, and it was Deserae’s actual birthday.

Somewhere in this blog, I was going to make the point time is nonexistent here in Vonnie Land, and when I come to (so to speak) I realize it’s freaking months later than I thought it was.

Wait – I DID tell you that in the beginning!

*insert scream here*

By now, your probably wondering how you’re going to get back the few minutes you’ve spent reading this blog.

One day Jove and Andi are going to bite the bullet – and realize I can’t recall what I’ve written one blog from the next and reign me in.

your fired

And now I have to put something of import here so you haven’t wasted your time.

Me: I have no time, remember?

Let me check my phone memo notes…  

If your new to my blogs, here is a link you might want to catch a glimpse to see how this works… Free Admission to Vonnie Land.

Example: In one of my author bio’s – I have told ya’ll – I lived in the same apartment building as Jimi Hendrix in the Haight-Asbury District in San Francisco.  It wasn’t at the same time – but hey – Fun fact right?

This is one which is not “fun” but real nonetheless and recently remembered and typed into my memo section.

Patty Hearst Bank Robbery    On April 15th 1974 – Sunset District Hibernia Bank at 1450 Noriega Street in San Francisco.  I was in 6th grade- Lawton Elementary school (only a few blocks away) at recess when we heard about this going on and the police showed up to barricade the streets. We had been outside – I can’t remember if it was recess or lunch, but we were out in the yard and had to be herded in.

I don’t have any ghost anecdotes to share this month. Well, I’ve had some activity but none noteworthy. Just the same ol’ same ol’.

Maybe next time!

And that’s my allotted time (ha!) for the month.

The good news in all this is I’ve finished edits for Paradigm and the countdown to publication begins.

( I just re-read the blog for typo’s and caught the fact I didn’t have love notes from my characters to share…  That’s a real-ly good idea. I should make note of that…)

Have an awesome day.


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