Words are a thing…

I like to talk. I like it a lot. Putting words together is such a cool thing. It gives a place for all the rolly, riotious thoughts in my head to go. I joke that it’s because I love the sound of my own voice. That usually gets a laugh and keeps me from explaining the real reason. This is important because who can say what the real reason is? I’m certainly not qualified as I avoid self reflection as much as possible. It probably has something to do with growing up in a very loud home and fighting to be heard. Or something else equally silly. But I digress.

The point of this strange and unexpected stream of consciousness is to tell you about all the fabulous places where you too can hear my voice. Because, you know, podcasts!

Here’s some links. Do with them what you will.

Women and Words 

Andi Marquette and I do a weekly podcast where we recap all the fabulousness the women of Women and Words write about. We talk about a lot of other stuff too. And we laugh. And we invite you to laugh with us. Thanks to The Lesbian Talk Show for hosting!

Badass Women Save Themselves

Blythe Rippon and I search for feminist represtion in pop culture. Sometimes we compare our lists of top five most badass women. Sometimes we talk about movies we love and why. Sometimes we obsess over tv shows episode by episode. Sometimes we talk about music, singers, and videos. In other words, we talk about something serious (feminism) in a fun context (pop culture). And we have fun doing it. Come listen.

Riding Shotgun with Dirt Road Books

At this point, you might be beginning to suspect I am a bit addicted to podcasting. You would be right. Riding Shotgun is a biweekly podcast, also available on The Lesbian Talk Show. As the host of this show, I invite the other members of the Dirt Road Books family to discuss the inner workings of writing, editing, and all the other nuts and bolts that make up the publishing industry. Give it a listen!

A Litany of Privilege

This podcast is so new that I don’t even have a link yet. Ashley Bartlett and I think it’s fun to talk about crazy stuff like bias, privilege, gender, race, and other such things. As the parent of a transboy, I’m considering this one as a form of personal therapy. Plus, I love Ashley, which she is quick to tell people.

Even though a (large) part of me is still that little girl trying to be heard, I’m really loving this whole Internet podcasting thing.




  1. Is there a place to sign for you various podcasts? I tried to listen from your email link. It wants me to download an app. Is that correct?


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