Let’s Call It What It Is

I had a very strong urge to call this post WHAT THEY SAID, and refer you to the brilliantly rendered words of Renee Bess and Andi Marquette, but that’s what used to be called a ‘cop out’ and that’s not the way real Women roll. So here’s me standing on my own two feet, writing my own words, and calling what our country is doing in our name what it is: Hatred. And it’s not the first time we’ve seen it. If you conjure up the knowledge you have of those other times you’ll recognize what Tweedledumb and the Possum have done for what it is: When slave owners sold children away from their mothers and mothers away from their children, hatred is what spawned and drove that horror. White slave owners hated black slaves. (Please don’t fall for the ‘it was all only economics’ lie.) When the Nazis separated spouses and parents and children, hatred was the reason: Nazis hated Jews–and all the others they tortured, maimed and murdered. Tweedledumb and the Possum, cowards that they are, in addition to being haters, hide behind us: They do their dirt because the people they hate are breaking OUR laws, the laws of OUR country. So Women, if it’s ours, what say we take it the F back?! We’ve already let them know loudly and clearly what we thought of their despicable actions and, like cowards and bullies do, they backed down. Tweedledumb even sent his surrogate in her I HATE EVERYBODY coat to coo at the guards, and if you don’t think Mrs. Tweedledumb was under orders ask yourselves who wears a coat to visit southern Texas in the summer? People don’t wear coats in southern Texas in the winter! Wardrobe malfunction or message of hate? And while we’e having these horrible thoughts, here’s another one: They don’t know how to re-unite the now imprisoned children with their deported parents. (Yes, imprisoned! If you’re ‘detained” behind a gate and not free to leave, that’s imprisoned!)

Another hater, this one in a black robe, took early retirement so Tweedledumb could name his replacement to the Supreme Court ahead of the mid-term elections when it’s possible the Rethuglicans could lose control of Congress. (If you didn’t know anything about Anthony Kennedy before, you now know all you need to know.)  Do the Democrats have the guts to block hearings on Tweedleldumb’s nominee? They may not have the votes but that’s where we come in, Women. Wherever you live, right now somebodies are busy plotting and planning. Those hearings are coming up. So are those mid-term elections. Let us say, loudly and clearly, YES, I REALLY DO CARE!




  1. Your words have power too; glad you used your own. And we have power as women also. It’s time the establishment feels the wrath of that power.


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