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Not To Be Missed

Every now and then, I run across something spectacular. Something that takes my breath away. Experiences that make me feel alive. It could be meeting a remarkable person, or participating in a meaningful event, or getting a thrill from a new adventure or encountering nature’s magnificence at sunrise over a Great Lake. I put these experience into a category I call “Not To Be Missed.”

I think many of us have “Not To Be Missed” experiences. I was wondering, what am I missing? What are your “Not To Be Missed?”  Will you tell me, tell us?

What hidden treasures would you like to share with the Women and Words readers? Share who you can’t wait to see and why, who you love to hear and why, who you love to read and why, so that the rest of us can delight in them too.

I’ll start. I would like to introduce you to Susan Werner who quickly became my favorite song writer and musician.  Ms. Werner lives in Chicago, was born in Iowa on a farm and sings songs most everyone can relate to. She often sings songs about lesbian relationships, which I can relate to, too.

I first heard Ms. Werner at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival where she was the MC and then  intentionally drove about 3 hours to enjoy two other performances in Ann Arbor. The words to her songs make a difference in my life, make me laugh and I find myself humming or singing her tunes.  When I’m grocery shopping, she is playing  through my earbuds and in the car, the volume is way up high.  As a performer, she is engaging and hilarious. She often talks with the audience as though we are all friends and in on a great secret.

Not only does Ms. Werner sing and write her own music, she is an enormously talented piano and guitar player.  In addition, as an unusual aside, she is also a trained opera singer.  Not to worry though, she only sings one song in an opera manner and it is one of those songs that creates goosebumps.

Susan Werner has YouTube video’s you can watch and I highly recommend the Philly Folk Fest 2010 “May I Suggest” performance so you can get an idea of why I am excited to see her every time she is near. She is my new “Not To Be Missed.”

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  1. I don’t miss Melissa Etheridge anytime she’s in the Columbus, Ohio area for a concert. It’s always a good show with a sold out, 90% lesbian audience. Very life-affirming. Also not to be missed is the Ohio State Fair, and any chance I can get to spend chatting with other lesfic authors and bouncing ideas off them. Those times are golden.


    • Anne- Would really enjoy visiting Ohio State Fair. I have heard that it is very good! We do not see Melissa Etheridge in Michigan very often, but when she does, she has a sold out crowd and everyone has a great time. Thanks for writing!


  2. China- I know exactly that feeling that you are describing. Hoping all authors can relate to your comment!!


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