Reader’s Block

A reader’s perspective on getting started.

I read all the time. I mean I always have a book on me. At work, at home, in the car, everywhere is a good place to have a book. So it’s been a weird experience that it has been over two weeks since I actually read one. I’ve kind of been listening to a story, but even that hasn’t fully drawn me in and grabbed my attention. I look at my huge to-be-read stack every day- I mean it is right next to my bed so how can I miss it? But even with all these titles by authors I love and authors I’m looking forward to meeting for the first time staring at me daily I just can’t get any of them started.

Maybe it’s because once I start a book I’m going to finish it. Even if I struggle to turn the page and it feel like I’m reading at the pace of one word a minute I will eventually finish the story. I may put it down for awhile if the subject matter is too intense, but 99% of the time I will pick it back up again at some point and finish it. Maybe I’m nervous the next story will be the one story I won’t like by a favorite author. Maybe I’m nervous that I will start a new author’s work and go into debt because I will have to buy all the rest of her work- like immediately!

Does that explain why even with a “free pass” by my wife to buy three extra books this month, I still haven’t read any of them in the past several weeks? I mean there are authors I love- the one’s I always buy everything they put out. There are several end-of-the-series books just sitting there with all the ends tied up if only I finish them. And there are new promising titles venturing off into new subject matter. What more could I want as a reader?

Is it possible that I have reader’s block?  Is there such a thing? Author’s sometimes get it, I mean I’ve read on various sites how author’s have a bout of writer’s block and there is lots of advice and ideas on how to break through. Can the same thing happen for a reader? All you reader’s out there, I need some advice! How do I break through my reader’s block? Give me some LesFic titles that have the most amazing opening chapter that there is no way I would be able to put the story down again! I know you have some!! What LesFic story grabbed you so quickly that you stood reading in the bookstore aisle until the staff was wondering if you were trying to get a free book or read through the entire Amazon preview with such captivation that there was no way you weren’t clicking the “Buy with 1-click” button onto your e-reader? What story will pull me in so quickly and so thoroughly that my reader’s block will bust open?

Help! I’ve got reader’s block and I don’t want it!



  1. Ahh yes! I know about this too. The long list of books to be read on the kindle, reminders from amazon on books to recommend with a review, but I haven’t even considered the book yet…is it because of summer? More outdoors activities? No! Acknowledge that there is a thing – a readers’ block!

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  2. I agree with Beth. I usually have to go back to a book that just couldn’t put down to start up again. I kind of just went through this problem and I hate when that happens. Just go back and you’ll find your way back to where you belong, wraped up in another GREAT story because you know they are out there to be found.

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    • What story is your go-to-couldn’t-put-down story??? Thanks for reading Pat H! And if you don’t want to say that is alright because it might have to be added to my super intimidating to-be-read pile! LOL!


  3. It might be the summer thing. It happens to me sometimes too, usually this time of year. Beth’s suggestion is a good one, pick up a trusted old friend of a book to help get the juices flowing. I was just at GCLS and picked up a whole bunch of new books. KG McGregor’s ‘A Proper Cuppa Tea’ is at the top of the list of those, once I finish the one I’m on right, ‘Fury’s Bridge’ by Bret Willows. It’s pretty great and the start of a series.

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  4. To get over reading slumps, I hit up short story anthologies, novelettes and novellas. Stuff that can be read in 30 mins to 3 hours tops. I follow that modus operandi until I have the time or the energy or the mindset to read full-length novels again.

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    • I like that idea Cristina! I usually don’t read a lot of short stories because as soon as I connect with the characters the story is over. But this could be the perfect time to pull out all my anthologies I’ve collected throughout the years and read some of those stories!!


  5. I think you said in a reply that thave never read ‘And Playing the Role of Herself.’ If that is so, read it. Or Listen to it. And puzzle over the mystery of the writer who entered the lesfic field, swept the boards and exited – despite everyone at the ready to read her again. I bet that will crack your reader’s block😉

    Thanks for another engaging blog.

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    • You’re right in that I haven’t read this (and think I am the only one who hasn’t!). That is crazy that she hasn’t putting anything else out for readers. I wonder if she has a writer’s block or just the thought of making another attempt is too intimidating? I will eventually read this story!! Thanks for reading Millie Ireland!!


  6. I’ve had a terrible case of reader’s block lately, too. I’ve chalked mine up to a general life-slump due to a medication problem, but I’ve had it before for different reasons. Are you under a lot of stress? Is that TBR pile getting too big and maybe a little insurmountable? There’s a key to breaking the block somewhere in the problem itself. Best of luck!

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    • LOL! Adan Ramie the TBR is enormous and a bit out of control!! Life does have a way of sneaking up on me and kicking me in the butt so that could definitely be it as well. I hope the medication issue works itself out and that you have an amazing end of the summer! Thanks for reading Adan!


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