Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, July-August 2018


Well, here we are with ANOTHER list o’ books for you! WOOOOO! Holy hell, it’s AUGUST (omg), the alleged dog days of summer (I happen to really like dogs, so that’s fine by me) in this part of the world, but I know it’s winter in others. Hopefully that won’t matter at all and you’ll be able to find some neato stuff to read in these here lists.


And, as always, we have lots of minions and elves running wild across the interwebz, but we don’t catch everything, so if you know of/have a book coming out in the next month or so or that’s been released in June or July, let us know at the Contact page, above. PLEASE supply a link to the book so we can update the list.

Thank yuh…thank yuh ver-uh much…

Dog days? No problem! Fetch a book! (want more of Daisy, here? Check this link.