A reader’s perspective on respecting those who fight!

I live in the desert and as is typical of living in the desert it does not rain much. That is why on Wednesday, when Kim and I were driving across town we were in awe of the huge cloud bellowing over the mountains. It was so big and dark there certainly was a massive downpour occurring and we both wondered if that would lead to any flash flooding. To our shock, we later learned this massive cloud was smoke from a wildfire. (check out some footage here) Ash is falling is coating our car, it looks like a fog bank has settled over the valley and the temperatures are still scorching at 115+ degrees. No joke! Our area was just on the news for having an insanely high temperature of 122 degrees (Fahrenheit) and that was before there was a fire raging on the mountain. Grab your warmest clothes and then stand in front of a blazing camp fire and that might start to come close to what those firefighters are experiencing! So this blog is dedicated to my friend MariLou, who has been a Cal Fire firefighter over 20 years and all the other individuals out there who are brave enough to stand in the way of fire.

Hearts Like Hers by [Brayden, Melissa]I just finished reading Melissa Brayden’s Hearts Like Her’s and it is adorable. I really hope that descriptor is acceptable. Especially when there is an awesome firefighter character in it! I think one of the character descriptions of Kate was the brooding hot firefighter, and that almost captures what you will get when reading this story. What I liked is that the dedication and unselfish nature that seems to encompass firefighters is perfectly captured in this character. Someone who is going to fight for every last life, regardless of self. That is Kate and that is why she is so amazing with Autumn! So if you haven’t jumped into the Seven Shores series yet, Kate is an excellent reason why.

Wildfire by [James, Lynn]Not always top of the job descriptions, but U.S Forest Service rangers are sometimes called into service to fight fires. Plus, I mean they are taking care of our forests! And oh how I love the great outdoors! So check out Lynn James’ debut novel Wildfire and you get a little bit of forest love and a fiery ending. What could be better right?

Firestorm by [Radclyffe]Another super dirty, get in the action story with firefighters front and center is Radclyffe’s Firestorm. I loved all the training that she had her characters going through in preparation of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane to land next to a raging fire! You just have to appreciate that dedication to taking care of others by risking yourself. I can’t imagine carrying a zillion pound pack on a RUN through the woods, but these firefighters do and Jac makes it seem easy!

So all you LesFic readers out there, who is your favorite firefighter? Real or fictional I would love to hear about them!


  1. Yikes. I hope the firefighters there are successful soon! The first book that came to mind was Radclyffe’s Trauma Alert. It is an exquisite romance. I’m now motivated to paint faster- you are making me realize how much I miss reading. Moving into a mild fixer-upper is not for the faint of heart or short of time…

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    • OOOOOO yeah! I liked Trauma Alert- Beau and Ali had some excellent chemistry. That is so funny about your house. It always looks like so much fun on TV and in the books but after buying a house that need an interior paint job (plus other things) I was done with it all in about a week! I hope you have much better success than I do!


  2. Great blog, Erin. I love a woman in uniform and we don’t get enough firefighters in our lesbian fiction. Kate and her dedication to her job and her friends made Hearts Like Hers my favourite Seven Shores Book of the series (so far). I was thinking I read another fighter main by Erin Dutton, Point if Ignition but I see it’s still on my wish list. Thanks for recommending Firestorm. I know what to use my Audible credit on this month. 122F? I can’t imagine.

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  3. Fully Involved by Erin Dutton – I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it. ❤️ All the feels.


  4. Wildfire was really good and Point of Ignition is one of my favorites. Another favorite of mine is Force of Nature by Kim Baldwin.


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