Family Time

1FF21B66-76A7-4574-AB24-37357735116DI don’t have a book recommendation today. I’ve been crazy busy with work and painting my new house and now am in Seattle with my oldest “kid”. He will be 29 at the end of next month. Yes, I’m too young to have a 28 year-old.

He is my oldest and the last of my three kids to get a special trip with Mom. When I asked him where he wanted to go, he chose Seattle. This is a first visit for both of us.

We had a long exhausting and exhilerating day yesterday. Several hours in the car and ferry, but we got to kayak off Roche Harbor. We saw otters and seals and eagles and ate kelp, which our guide called “the fruit roll-up of the sea”.

(Ok, I lied, being here makes me want to re-read every Karis Walsh book- right now I can’t think of any that aren’t set in the Pacific Northwest).034D8644-6030-4303-ADA5-5F31DC184916

I got this idea of traveling with my kids when two things happened:

1) My mom took me on a cruise with her. We don’t always get along, but we had a great time.

2) My youngest, who insisted on doing pageants age 14-17, won the right to go compete in a talent contest in LA. I didn’t like the timing or expense for two minutes on stage so bribed her with a special trip at a different time.

(LA books include Jae’s Hollywood series, always a fun read! And my favorite Kallmaker, Captain of Industry has some LA time.)

The middle kid wanted to see Anastasia on Broadway, so we went to NYC last summer. And now I am here in Seattle.

(For books about princesses with happy endings, see Nell Stark’s princess series.)

These have been really enjoyable trips. We don’t always agree on what to do or eat, and we don’t always have the same rhythm, but spending time one on one with parent or child is a blessing. If you are lucky enough to have a family member available and four days to explore someplace with just the two of you, I strongly suggest it.

Happy reading! And traveling (actual or vicarious)!





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