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So Tweedledumb finally admits knowledge of the meeting with Russians at puzzle palace attended by his son to gather dirt on an “opponent.” That would be Mrs. Clinton in case anybody is confused, and I can see how you could be since THERE WAS NO COLLUSION. And Don Lemon, LeBron James and Congresswoman Maxine Waters are not very intelligent people. Remember how, a while back, he referred to several women as fat and ugly, like there are no mirrors where he lives? But these three people, who stand at the top of their very competitive professions, are not very intelligent. So says Tweedledumb. Oh. And you need an ID to buy groceries and journalists have caused wars though which ones remain secret and yes the Russians are meddling in the 2018 elections–to benefit the Democrats.

My question is this and it is about the millions of people who stand beside and behind this president: What do they see? What do they hear? What do they think? And I’m serious about this. I don’t understand, I really don’t. How can they accept the lies, the embarrassing behavior on the world stage, the fawning over heads of governments notoriously hostile to the United States? What do they see that I don’t, hear that I don’t, think that I don’t think? This is about more than just a difference of opinion.

I harbored an intense dislike of Ronald Reagan and both the Georges Bush. I knew people who voted for them,  but I did not think they were stupid. Misguided, perhaps, but not stupid. I accepted that we had different opinions about how the government should work and for whom the government should work but I never thought they would support Reagan or either of the Georges in a sell-out of the United States. But the people who support the current president see and hear him act contrary to the best interests of this country and still they support him. Why?

Why the rabid focus on keeping immigrants out? Surely they know how this country was built on the backs of immigrants, and surely they know that the Italians, Germans, Irish, Polish all were hated and vilified when they first arrived, right? Is that American history still taught–the part where some immigrants were despised and ordered to go back where they came from? Tweedledumb’s own Irish ancestors would have felt that sting. Surely he knows this even as he reviles Mexican immigrants? But then he thinks the Canadians torched the White House during the War of 1812 so maybe not,,,

There are too many of them to just write them off as dumb or stupid. If they love this country as they claim to, doesn’t if follow that they’d want a president who’d never do anything to bring harm or embarrassment or disgrace to the country? But then these same people, many of them, hated Barack Obama, hate Hillary Clinton, while I merely disliked Reagan, Bush and Bush. Is that what I’m not getting? The difference between hatred and dislike?

For the record, I don’t hate Tweedledumb. I think he’s pathetic as a person and disastrous as a president. I just hope the we–all of us ’cause we’re on the same ship–can survive this most disastrous journey.


  1. All those immigrants from Europe could be seen as “white.” I think the greatest fear now among those who see themselves as “white” is that they’ll become a minority rather than the majority, and be treated the way they and their forbears have treated minorities.


  2. Try looking at this through the lens of cognitive dissonance theory….granted Cognitive Dissonance theory on steroids…Also if you have ever watched Fox news…that is another answer. Those millions are not getting the truth…the Nazis effectively controlled the propaganda war and honestly if there is one thing Trump does well, it is that.


  3. Good read, Penny. Maybe we can’t understand what trump’s supporters see and hear because we’re attempting to comprehend using our logic, empathy, and relatively healthy mentalities. Just as I’ve learned it’s futile to apply conventional good sense in an effort to figure out why trump does and says the bizarre and dangerous, I believe I can’t apply the traditional standards of logic, fairness, and reasoning to most things done and spoken by his followers. I’ve wondered if generations-old anger can screw around with one’s DNA and distort one’s mind and source of emotionality. Seriously. I agree with Annette’s response. trump and his lieutenants have mastered the art of propaganda. And I believe they’ve been planning to highjack our democracy for a long while…at least since 2008.

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  4. I have no answer to mindset of people who support the current White House – even the corporate “give aways” will hurt them more than anyone else – but, Trump’s father was German and his mother, Scots. I don’t think we can blame the Irish :-/


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