Sweetness is Not My Weakness

I debated on whether to post or not to post this blog. We know which side won the debate, but I digress. Let’s get to the heart of the matter. However, I’ll keep it short and dare I say, sweet.

We read to escape.

We read to gain knowledge.

6759_Two-sweet-fluffy-bears-romantic-moment-of-Valentines-DayAs readers when we’re trying to escape into a romance some of us want things a certain way that perfect world to fall in where everyone is beautiful, well rounded and sweet. There’s not a damn thing wrong with that. Not at all. Maybe everybody should read a sweet, sanitized romance every once in a while. I even do it occasionally, but I have to be in the mood.

Then, there is real and raw romances where the characters are stripped bare and their flaws are exposed to the point were the readers feel their emotions right in the pit of their gut. I don’t necessarily mean angst. I just mean realistic down to earth characters who know and acknowledge that love is messy as hell. Where the characters are relatable, snarky, shitty, intelligent, strong and drop f-bombs like a lot of normal people do on any given day.

cursingIn fact, fuck.

Fuckitty. Fuck. Fuckery.

Did some of you read that out loud and just shrug? Raise your hand.

Did some of you clutch your imaginary pearls? Raise your hand.

Put your hands down I can’t fucking see you. Rolls eyes.

Some readers can’t deal with prevalent cursing in their romance novels. To them that kind of language should only be used strategically such as for emphasis on emotions maybe once or twice. Hell, maybe even dropping a fuck while the characters are making sweet, sweet love can ratchet up the tension. There is nothing wrong with that either. I know there is plenty of romances or lesbian fiction in other genres for you.

guard-central-1However, when those readers and other members of The Old Guard (love that term shout out the woman who dropped it in the comments on my last blog) start trying to police a writer and tank their reviews, leave one star ratings and even try to ward people off, things may have gone a bit far. There are other taboo subjects I hear such as cheating, bisexuality, anal sex, sex with other characters besides the main love interest. Some want those main characters to live in their own self contained bubble. Ladies and gents, that’s copacetic as well! I’m not trying to make you feel bad. Do you and move along. Some might say those one star reviews makes them want to read the book even more since every reader is entitled to their opinions.

Well, okay then, but don’t tread on me. Don’t tread on other writers who don’t fit that particular mold. Again, there are plenty of books out there for you, and if you happen to pick up one that doesn’t conform to your idea of escapism that’s just fine. FINE. FINE. FINE. No need to ward other readers away. We’re all different. What’s one woman’s trash is another woman’s fucking pot of gold.

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  1. Thank you KD for posting this. Leaving low reviews because of story content or language you don’t like seems petty if the book is otherwise well written and structured, the characters relatable etc. I’ve read my share of books where something in them does not agree with me but when I review I don’t factor it in to the rating unless there are so many plots holes it’s more Swiss cheese than cohesive story. I may mention story elements that some readers may find triggering (as long as it’s not a spoiler and isn’t already mentioned in the synopsis) but there again it doesn’t factor in to my rating of the story. For some reviewers it may mean taking a breath before posting their review or letting the story and your thoughts and feelings about it percolate for a day or so, but as one who reads alot I’d rather read reviews that aren’t the ‘shoot from the hip’ reactionary variety. Those kinds of reviews say far more about the reader than the book in my view.

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    • Lol I don’t Kno what to say to that. Seems similar to being told by a reader that they learned too much about a character


  2. Well….fuck…sometimes characters swear a lot. And sometimes they fuck up…royally. I think the world would lose a lot of color if every character was written as a perfect human being without raunchy language, distasteful habits or whatever lets some book fall outside the norm. You go, KD, I for one happen to love reading that stuff and I think I’ve been clear about my opinion on those one-star reviews. I’ve yet to see one that wasn’t intended to hurt. I call bullshit on all the “honorable” reasons people leave shitty one star reviews.

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  3. Fuckitty. Fuck. Fuckery… These three gems would be perfect vocabulary words for my middle school students!!! I might even score coolness points with them 😂Five stars for you!!!!!

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  4. I wish people would have the decency to know that not everything is written for them. Maybe something isn’t your thing but there are a lot of people out there that like it.

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      • I was thinking about this a little bit more, when it comes to cheating, I know I haven’t read many novels based on this but I’ve noticed a few where she is in a loveless heterosexual marriage and finds the love of her life in the new woman in her life that shows her she is not straight.

        Do people consider that cheating? Or is it only cheating if it is with another woman?

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      • Interesting question IMO if a person is in a committed relationship and gets involved with someone else whether male or female that sounds like cheating. Now all that depends on individual perception.


  5. I have to agree with you but admit there is a whole genre of stories where fated lovers are trapped in relationships and fight to get together. They seem to put true love is what makes whatever actions taken justified.

    That with making the current people they are with, utterly horrible or worse someone who just takes them for granted.


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