Book loving, all day long

There are very few things more sublime or more peak self-care than spending an entire day in bed. Whether with a lover or solo, it’s a wonderful and decadent experience perfect for either a rainy day or a sunny one. For more lusciousness, add some laundry-fresh sheets and an open window to let in the scents of the day.

venusYears ago, for one of my birthdays in my twenties, I planned the perfect book bed-stay. To prepare, I stocked up on some out-of-print books by one of my favorite authors. Then I made sure I finished up my work for the week and had enough food in the apartment for all three meals and essential snacks. That glorious day in my small, well-lit apartment, I spent hours in bed reading, drinking fruit juice, and savoring the delicious scenes my fave conjured up with her brilliantly evocative sentences and marvelous characters. It’s one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

As you can probably guess, I’m a book nerd from way back. So, for me, the idea of taking off an entire day of work and spending it in bed with a book or two is heaven. Usually, I’d curl up with something new on these self-indulgent days, but there are times when nothing will do but a much-adored novel or short story collection that gets more delicious after a second, third, or fourteenth reading.

gomezBecause I’m feeling nostalgic for my books after being in Spain for a few months now and away from my book collection, I thought I’d share some with you. They’re seriously awesome. Maybe you’ve read some and think so too.

  • Don’t Explain by Jewelle Gomez – The title story of this collection is sublime.
  • Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg – This is a gorgeously written novel about a young college girl who falls for, and has an affair with, her older TA. The autumn colors of New England are just as seductively described as the love story itself.
  • Death by the Riverside by JM Redmann – Before I read this book, I wasn’t a fan of lesbian mysteries. Then my whole reading world turned marvelously around. It’s the first book in a series!
  • Considering Venus by D. Gisele Isaac – I adore this book so much. Not only because it’s wonderfully written but it also tells the story of two middle-aged women (one with adult children) in love.
  • The Necessary Hunger by Nina Revoyr – This book is lesbians and basketball, drama and sweetness. So good. I fell in love with this novel in college and haven’t looked away from Nina Revoyr’s work since.
  • Let the Lover Be by Sheree L. Greer – This is a wonderful story about self love, dealing with addiction, and finding the path back to what’s important. Even more hearts for its fantastic sense of place while moving between New Orleans and Chicago.

If you’ve read any or all of these, let me know what you think. Talking about my favorite books is something I can never get enough of. Happy Reading!

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  1. I loved JM’s ‘Death by the Riverside’ and the rest of the Micky Knight series. The Jewelle Gomez collection of shorts sounds interesting. I wasn’t aware of it, so thank you!


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