Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions, Sept.-Oct. 2018

Sweet jumpin’ jellybeans, y’all!

IT IS COMING UP ON OCTOBER WHAT THE HELL. That means that Halloween and Día de los Muertos are right around the corner (Andi’s fave time of year). It also means that here in the northern hemispheric climes, we’re getting ready for that ol’ autumn thang while those in southern are moving into spring. Whatever. Seasons are changing, and that means you should probably READ MOAR BOOKS. Because why not?

Fortunately, we’ve got the new lists up and ready to go! YAY US! WOOOO! And we’re pretty sure you’ll find SOMETHING you can deal with. Support all the authors all the time! Show them love! Buy their stuff! And add to your book lists.


And if you’re an author/publisher who’s got a book coming out soon, let us know! Or if you’re a reader and you have the 411 on such info, let us know! Easy to do that — hit the “Contact” link, above, and send us an email. Please provide a link to the book’s info so we can get it loaded up right away. Thank yuh.

Happy reading!