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Continuing a reader’s perspective of connecting to books

Last week I pondered over learning and engaging. For me the ultimate would be to be able to have a dialogue with someone regarding books and even better would be able to have several people sit around and discuss one book- I believe that is called a book club? But seriously, there were some excellent comments and suggestions made last week regarding ways to engage and continue to learn by engaging. Check them out by following this link here.

One of the ideas was a virtual book club on called the Lesbian Book Club (you’ll have to read the comments to see who made that suggestion!). I’m not a member but it sounds pretty fun in that the reader’s get to vote on the upcoming reads and then the discussion pursues after everyone posts a review. I could be totally off on that and projecting because I thought it was an awesome idea to include the review component. Reviews really can help an author get the word out about her novels in all that scientific mumbo-jumbo on Amazon Top whatever lists.

In addition to the idea of posting the reviews the whole concept of going on-line and engaging in a discussion, isn’t necessarily a new idea but it is a convenient one. Convenient for individuals living in remote towns that don’t have access to a Lesbian oriented book club, or possibly even to individuals like myself, who struggle with that whole in-person social interaction. In one of my psychology chapters (that’s one of my on-line courses) it discusses relationships established on social media. Of course we hear of cyber-bullying and how individuals hide behind facades and feel more comfortable expressing such negative behavior. But what was also mentioned was that individuals establish more quality friendships on-line because they are more comfortable sharing emotions without the feeling of rejection. That is specific though and focuses on one-on-one communications such as messages to individuals and not as general population posts. Because really how deeply emotional can an amazing desert picture really be? Well except for the jealousy that I would have that I’m not enjoying it too!!

Another bonus to the on-line concept is the WHO can participate. In addition to those living in more secluded locations how about the author joining in? That seems like it would be next to impossible to have a live visit with an author at a traditional book group (though Skype and other mediums may contradict that statement!). Or what about having multiple authors join in? Now that is just getting into the scary fun level right?! It seems to happen though in various set-ups. In fact there seems to be such an occasion coming up. Check out what Eliza Andrews is putting together for her birthday party here. Here is a hint- it’s a party and it looks like there is going to be a lot of giveaways throughout the event. Giveaways = free! That could mean free books and if you join in and win I want to know what you won!!

So my questions this week are what do you think of on-line Lesbian Book Clubs? What are some positives and negatives that you have experienced? Are there any out there that you especially like and why? If you aren’t involved with any on-line is there a reason? I can’t wait to find out more!



  1. An online book club sounds wonderful! The conundrum is carving out time not only to read but to meet, if the meeting is live. Even if the meeting is limited to sharing posts about the book, it would be great to read other people thoughts and feelings, comments and criticisms.


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