Fangirl Friday: Movies and TV shows to look forward to!

HI, friends! So I’ve been watching to see what movies are coming up and what TV shows and the like that have strong women characters (hopefully LGBTQ+) good LGBTQ+/good POC rep that doesn’t kill them off to fulfill stale tropes.

So with that in mind, here are a few things I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks and months:

Captain Marvel
Dropping March 8, 2019
Holy freakamoli, people. The trailer for this dropped recently and I about fell out. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I heard the movie was being made. Brie Larson is playing Captain Marvel, and her origin story has been changed a bit, but the character has been growing in popularity after a stellar run of writing the comic by Kelly Sue DeConnick (LUV HER).

This is Marvel’s first movie with a female lead, slated for release March 8, 2019. Which is International Women’s Day, y’all. I freaking choked up during the trailer — feels and chills like when I saw Wonder Woman — so I’m super-stoked about this.

Here’s the first trailer:


If you saw Avengers: Infinity War, there looks like there may be some crossover with the Captain Marvel movie, because of the final scene of Infinity War, and I’m not going to tell you what that is in case you haven’t seen it, but there was a clue.

Dark Phoenix
Dropping February 14, 2019 (DATE NIGHT! WOO HOO!)
My fellow fangirl KD Williamson tipped me off today regarding the release of the first trailer for Dark Phoenix.

This is allegedly the last central X-Men movie in its 19-year run (holy shit…has it been that long? WTF???). The series has been with 20th-Century Fox, but the characters are, according to Hollywood Reporter, moving over to Marvel Studios. Disney recently acquired Fox, and rumor is the X-Men will thus be subsumed into the Marvel universe, but it’s unclear what’s going to happen. Regardless, it seems that Dark Phoenix is the last movie with the central X-Men from Fox studios.

The studio will release The New Mutants in August 2019, considered a horror movie in the superhero genre, and it is considered the 13th film in the X-Men series, but it doesn’t feature the central X-Men. This one deals with a group of young mutants held in a secret facility who have to fight to save themselves.

At any rate, Dark Phoenix deals largely with the character of Jean Grey (played by Sophie Turner), known under the aliases Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix. She has telekinetic and telepathic powers, and if you’ve been following the X-Men movies/comics, you know that she has boo-coo awesome-ness and is way super powery (omg is that even a word).

Here, Jean deals with the loss of control of her powers and how it affects her mutant family. It seems Fox might be trying to capitalize on the lady superhero thing by focusing on Jean as the central character, but we’ll see how it goes. I have some misgivings about this film, because from the trailer it seems that it’s portraying her as yet another dangerous woman who men have to control. Not sure, yet, and I’ll go see it, but I’m sort of giving this one side-eye.

Here’s the trailer:


Dr. Who
Season launches Sunday, October 7, 2018, BBC America
Lots of buzz around this one, friends, as for the first time in the franchise’s history, a woman takes control of the Tardis in Season 11.

Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th Dr. Who, and according to RadioTimes, she owns the role like she’s been playing it for years.

I’m looking forward to this, too! And if you’re a fan and ready for this new season, Fangirl Shirts has a great shirt (or other swag) for you:


Here’s the trailer:

Black Lightning, Season 2
Launches Tuesday, October 9 on the CW
OMG I’m so excited for this! It’s the continuation of the story of Black Lightning and his family, which includes his daughter, the superhero Thunder (the character is lesbian) and his other daughter, who also has superpowers but is much more ambivalent about them than her sister.

I love this show because the cast is predominantly Black (representation matters!) and the writers have woven current issues into the superhero plotlines, which makes for really interesting and sometimes painful perspectives as you watch it. Oh, and the music is off the freakin’ chain.

Fangirl Shirts has a Black Lightning-themed shirt inspired by the Anissa character (Thunder). Half the proceeds go to the Audre Lorde Foundation.

This is my next shirt purchase. Because reasons, people.

Promo for Black Lightning S2:


And if you’d like a way longer overview promo of the show, check out the San Diego Comic Con trailer. you can catch Season 1 on Netflix (in the U.S.).

Runaways, Season 2
Launches December 21 on Hulu
Another Marvel contribution, I watched Season 1 of this as it aired on Hulu earlier this year and just loved it. The premise is that a group of teenagers discovers that their parents are shady villains and they band together to try to figure out not only how to deal with it (they end up having to run away…hence the name…) but how to atone for what their parents are doing and who not only their parents are, but who they themselves are. There is POC and lesbian rep, which makes me SO happy.

Details are still sketchy but the second season got 13 episodes (as opposed to the first season’s 10), so yay! No trailer yet, but here’s Season 1’s, so you can get a taste:


You should be able to stream S1 on Hulu, and it’s also available on Amazon Prime.

The Gifted, Season 2
Currently airing Tuesdays on Fox
The Gifted just launched Season 2 (episode 1 aired this past Tuesday) and y’all, I SUCK because I somehow managed to not watch Season 1, which I am remedying right now by streaming it off Hulu. I watched the first episode a few nights ago and I’m freaking HOOKED, people. I’ve binged nearly half the season in three days. This is some good shit. Strong writing, complex characters, strong women, and suspenseful plotlines.

The premise is that your average white bread suburban family has their whole world turned upside-down when the two teens in said family — a young woman and her younger brother — reveal to their parents that they are mutants with specific powers. The father is, ironically, a prosecutor who has ended up prosecuting a lot of mutants against a backdrop of restrictive anti-mutant laws. The son is being horribly bullied at high school and one night he loses his shit when he’s dragged into a locker room and beaten and held under a shower by a group of asshole guys. Well, his telekinetic powers emerge and through the force of his rage, he basically brings the building down. His sister saves him; her power is being able to manipulate air and create shields and the like out of it. As a result of this incident, a horribly creepy anti-mutant government agency comes a’calling and Mr. Prosecutor is suddenly on the other side of the laws and let’s just say it’s eye-opening for him and his wife.

It’s really interesting, how the show addresses anti-mutant sentiment, which could be coded as anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, racist — all of those, and how it looks at a government system run amuck with surveillance and complete power to lock up whomever the hell they want. In a twist, we find out that the guy running this agency lost his young daughter in a mutant incident, so he harbors a lot of hate and mistrust for every mutant, now, and Mr. Prosecutor and his family are now on the run in the mutant underground.

See the Season 1 trailer here.

And here’s a Season 2 trailer:


So there you go. Some things to look forward to, perhaps?

Happy Friday, happy watching, and may the odds be ever in our favor.