Gallivanting yet again! Let’s have some fun! SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS!


It is I, Andi, and I’m out gallivanting around YET AGAIN! Seeing some sights, doing some things…you know. Andi stuff.

Hatch, NM (photo by Andi Marquette)

I seriously would like to know how the conversation went regarding what you see in this particular photo. I mean, somebody thought it was an awesome idea to put a big fake T-Rex on top of this now-closed restaurant, and somebody else thought it would be awesome to put a giant fake hotdog in front of it. I mean, is the T-Rex guarding the hot dog? Does the T-Rex want to eat it? How does this work?

Also, Hatch, New Mexico is known as the chile capital of the world. And ’round these parts, friends, it’s spelled chile (pronounced like “chili” or, for those of you in other parts of the world, “chilli”). It’s in reference to the actual chile plants. Hatch is a major growing center for New Mexico’s famous green chile.

At any rate, I, Andi, post all kinds of gallivanting photos at Instagram. So if you’d like to get in on that, and see some of the things that catch my eye, you can either pop in on my Instagram account just to see but if you want, you can follow it. Whichever. Hit the link below.


AND! I thought it would be fun if a bunch of you sent me a photo of something you saw on a recent trip that caught your eye. I’ll post the photos in the October 19th Friday blog, if you think that’s something you’d like to participate in. Don’t include photos of yourselves or anybody else; try to keep these photos free of people, so we can protect identities and all that. Make ’em photos of places, objects, cool things you saw on a recent trip.

Here’s what to do:

Send a photo to Andi (me) via email:
andimarquette AT gmail DOT come

Tell me what the photo is, where it was taken, roughly when, and why you took it. What about it is cool/inspires you?

Get it to me by MONDAY OCTOBER 15 and I’ll post them on Friday the 19th. Share the luv! Share the gallivanting!

Caveat: if nobody plays, I don’t post your photos which will give me a major case of the sadz and I’ll of course lament about it on the Women and Words podcast. You’ve been warned.

Anyway, happy Friday!

And may the odds be ever in our favor.

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  1. Hatch NM! We drove through there last year. Crazy acres and acres of chiles. Great cheese stick selection at the little gas station/shop on the way out of town. I wanted one of each.


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