Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I often say it is because I have always lived in colder climates and schlepping costumed children through the neighborhood while freezing your tushy off is not my idea of fun. That is only part of the problem, however.

I’m a scaredy cat. Things like ghosts, aliens, zombies, etc. scare me. I’m okay with witches, but beyond that I can become a complete wreck as my imagination takes my mind places it has no business going.

When Twilight was popular my older daughter read the series- one of the characters has her same name (she is older than the books but people ask if she is named after them. No.) I wanted to see what was so fascinating to her, so I bucked up and read the series. For the next summer every time I rode my bike home alone at night my mind would conjure up images of vampires chasing me home. I got home faster.

My book club read Gail Carriger’s Soulless, D7F90E7C-F54C-4311-BDEB-1EEFCA97D622which is part of her Parasol Protectorate series. A very funny book. I could handle those vampires and werewolves a little better for the humor.




And lets not even talk about my viewing of Pod People via MST3K about 20 years ago- I still get a shiver of fear opening my garage door in the dark, my brain envisions  Trumpy lurking outside (and now Trumpy has a whole different connotation…- even scarier…).EF8F37A8-86CA-4C30-8133-E0FECCF6C386 No matter how often I remind myself it isn’t real, my nervous system appears to forget on a regular basis.



All this brings me to my Lesbian Book Bingo card. And if you aren’t already playing, there is still time! Check out Jae’s author page. 9519E8B8-14E7-4229-B1F5-CAE2C69A898E It’s a fun way to win some free books. I, of course, have yet to complete a card because I have yet to fill the paranormal square. 😐



So I am looking for recommendations. I do love witches. Vampires and zombies give me nightmares. Werewolves are only sort of scary. Help me fill my card. And if you need recommendations for squares on your own card, check out our past reader’s perspective blogs (every Saturday) and The Lesbian Review blog for their Top 10 lists.



  1. For a really fun and only occasionally (slightly) scary vampire tale, I’d go for Jae and Alison Grey’s Good Enough to Eat.

    I love the way you promoted two great services to the lesfic community in your blog – Book Bingo and The Lesbian Review.

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  2. Do shapeshifters count as paranormal for this bingo game? If so, I recommend Jae’s NATURAL FAMILY DISASTERS. I read it a few years ago and still smile when I think of it.

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  3. Thank you for this. You are the first adult person I have ever found who will admit to being afraid of Halloween. For years I was terrified for about a month near Halloween. I suffered big anxiety to the point of trembling! I am better at it now, but still feel a little scared of the decorations–anything Halloween related. It is always a relief when they are taken down. WITCHES were the worst, since they were too real to me.
    The only scary stories I have ever enjoyed were Hansel and GRETEL and BLUEBEARD. I enjoyed the frisson of fear oddly enough!! I begged my mother to read Bluebeard to me but every time she did I woke up in nightmares.

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    • I don’t watch horror films, either. Or anything to do with aliens. I got talked into watching Arrival recently. “It’s not scary. It’s about language. It’s really cool.” Cool, sure, and I had a full-blown nightmare that night. My favorite place in the world is famous for being haunted (Blackbeard’s 4th wife is one of the ghosts and the origin of the You Will Come Back chant used when people leave the island), and I even spent the night alone once on the haunted floor of one of the cottages (not my choice). Most of the night was spent lecturing myself that I would be fine- I was 46 at the time. I’ve had a couple of ghost experiences in my life (not there, oddly). That is more than enough for me.


  4. You are certainly not the only one! A lot of people are struggling with the paranormal square of the book bingo for various reasons. I even wrote a blog post to help people who don’t like paranormal (or sci-fi or fantasy) and still want to complete their bingo card. Here’s the link:

    For a completely non-scary paranormal book, you could read a contemporary romance with a paranormal twist like my novel Heart Trouble. No ghosts, vampires, or other scary creatures at all.

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  5. Oh- and checking out Jae’s blog reminded me of an urban fantasy novella I actually enjoyed, no nightmares. Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane. I am using only new-to-me books on my bingo card, no re-reads. I’m considering Natural Family Disasters, but keep the recommendations coming.

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  6. There are some good recommendations so far. I don’t care much for vampires or zombies either. Werewolves are questionable, but Jae’s shapeshifter novels are awesome. Although Yvonne Heidt’s Sisters of Spirits series is excellent, I think I’d put it on the scary side. So I suggest you might try one of my favorite ghost stories. Helen MacPherson – Love’s Redemption, Cate Culpepper – Fireside, Ali Vali – Carly’s Sound or Yvonne Heidt – Meet Me in the Middle. All but Fireside have a lot of humor. Lynn Ames – All That Lies Within is also an excellent book that fits the category.


  7. Gill McKnight’s Garoul series. Series centered around members of a cool werewolf family, featuring werewolves (lycanthropes) falling in love with humans. Sometimes there’s a mystery element or “mild” thriller moments in series, but that depends on which books in series you read. Ambereye good choice to start with because it’s a workplace, forced proximity, (inadvertently) thawing ice queen by plucky love interest (who’s recovering from illness), paranormal rom-com romance.


  8. Also… since you enjoyed Gail Carriger’s Soulless, try reading her novella, Romancing the Inventor. Set in her Parasol Protectorate universe, it’s a lesbian romance that contains her trademark humor and mix of steampunk with paranormal mainstays, vampires and werewolves. The lead is a diamond-in-the-rough math genius who is as adorably plucky as she is clueless about certain things; she falls for a sort-of-ice queen inventor (more a closed-off workaholic than a snarky ice queen) under the ever busy-body eyes of those pesky Carriger-brand vampires.


  9. Just wanted to add that the vampire and/or werewolf elements of the two books I recommended—if memory serves me correctly—don’t really contain thriller elements that cause fright so much as have a few moments that make you really root for the leads when they face things like outsmarting foes and getting in touch with their feelings. Romancing the Inventor is on par for the course with Soulless but with ladies who love ladies, and Ambereye is an enemies-to-lovers workplace lesbian rom-com that has family-oriented werewolves. So, they should elicit way more laughs and smiles and heart swoons than anything else. Happy reading!


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