Trippin’ photos with Andi (send me more photos for next week!)

Hi, all!

So I decided to post some of your photos THIS week since I got a bunch and I don’t have to have tons of sadz on the Women and Words podcast.

Last week I asked people to send me photos (if they were so inclined) of something they had seen while on a recent trip that they thought was cool/meaningful and to tell me why it captured their attention. So behold! Some of our fab W&W readers took the below photos and each has a little story.

Thanks, all, for joining in!

And if YOU’D like to join in for next week, just send me a photo taken on a recent trip/outing that you thought was cool or that has special meaning. Tell me why it captured your attention. No people (unless they’re in the background and probably can’t be ID’ed) or selfies. Let’s be protective of everyone. Send your photo(s) to andimarquette AT gmail DOT com

And now let’s look at photos!

From Kitty Kat:

“This was taken in August when I attended Ellcon in Bristol, England. It is a statue of Wallace from ‘Wallace and Gromit’ and was just one of many such figures all over the city. ‘Wallace and Gromit’ is made at Ardman Studios in Bristol. It is special to me and I love looking back at it as it reminds me of the amazing time I had at Ellcon meeting the most amazing women.”

ELLCon is the European Lesfic Literary Conference. Thanks, KK! And yes, I really enjoy Wallace & Gromit, too.

From Cordeliasmom_2000:

Prescott Park gardens in Portsmouth NH. I love photographing insects on flowers and the gardens there along the Piscataqua River have lots of opportunity.”

bee at Prescott Park Gardens, Portsmouth, NH. Photo by Cordeliasmom_2000

That is such a great photo. Wow. I can totally see this on a postcard. Thanks, CM_2000!

From Nic:

“So here are some random photos I took during my last holiday. Not as recent as I would’ve liked, it was taken during December last year at a place called Mosselbay in South Africa.

My mom and I would walk along the beach each morning before sunrise and it was interesting to see what we’d find each day.

Also had a pretty spectacular view in the morning waking up. You could watch the sun rise over the ocean without getting up. Not too shabby, I say.”

Mossel Bay, South Africa beach finding. Photo by Nic.

Wow! That looks like some kind of jellyfish…?

Sunrise from hotel, Mossel Bay, South Africa. Photo by Nic.

Who the hell needs breakfast in bed when you have THIS to start the morning?

Pier, Mossel Bay, South Africa. Photo by Nic.

I LOVE pier shots. I don’t know why. I just do.

THANKS, Nic! (and I saved a few of yours for next week, too!)

From K Aten:

“At the time it was a cool photo but mostly because I was on my way back from my first GCLS. It almost looked like I was up near space looking down and that’s the way I felt. It was hard coming down from GCLS. *sigh*”

View from a plane. Photo by K Aten.

This is such a cool shot. And yeah, coming down from a gathering is always hard. I like the metaphor you have with this photo and for how you felt.

THANKS, K! (and I saved your other photo for next week)

And while we’re on the subject of GCLS…

From jazzymitchell:

“[This photo] is of the Ferris wheel at the Linq in Las Vegas from the ground perspective. I took it on July 4, 2018, while on a morning walk to Ballys, where the 2018 GCLS Annual Conference was taking place. I thought it was a pretty cool way to capture the enormity of the ride, particularly since everything in Las Vegas is over-the-top.”

Linq ferris wheel, Las Vegas, NV. Photo by jazzymitchell.

I love this. I call shots like this “art shots” because they have different perspectives than what we might expect. (and I saved your other one for next week!)

And here are a couple more of mine:

I was just at the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque with fellow author/Women and Wordster/Dirt Road Books colleague R.G. Emanuelle. It’s really magical, especially on a mass ascension day, to see literally hundreds of balloons take off beginning at dawn in successive waves. It’s amazing. So here’s a shot from the ground of what some of that looks like:

ABQ International Balloon Fiesta, 2018. Photo by Andi Marquette.

And I went for a hot air balloon ride with R.G. It’s so cool to be up there taking photos; you get a WHOLE different perspective:

Balloon ride view, Albuquerque, October 2018. Photo by Andi Marquette.

Happy Friday, all! Hope you enjoyed this stroll through a gallery brought to you by Women and Words readers. I’ll post more next week. And if you’d like to participate, just drop me a line at the above email address with a photo and tell me where you took it, when, and why you think it’s cool/special.

Cheers, and may the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. Way cool. I like seeing the pics of other peoples’ trips. And I liked seeing Jazzy’s photo of the ferris wheel…we could see it from our room but we didn’t get that close.

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  2. Thanks for posting my photos. The photo of the blue alien – we call them blue bottles but they’re also known as Portugese man o’ war. When they start appearing, you get out of the water asap! But the little sea snails love to snack on the ones that wash up on the beach.

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