No tricks, just treats!

A reader’s perspective on the best of October!

October can be a fun month, can’t it? I mean for the Northern Hemisphere it is truly Fall weather with all the leaves changing colors (in those areas with trees!), the temperatures get cooler and of course the potential for lots of sugar at the end of the month. This year, there is an even better treat coming this October! We have a new reader offering up her perspective- Danielle Zion! She is amazing and has read pretty much every LesFic out there and then some! I’m more excited about her joining us at Women and Words than I am about buying a bag of Heath Bars to “pass out” to the children (or just eat myself!). She starts next Saturday so check her out and of course leave her lots of comments!  And speaking of LesFic books, I found a couple more that have a Halloween detail or something similar that I wanted to share. I have the hardest time finding Halloween in books for some reason. There are definitely some out there but whenever I start thinking about Halloween in LesFic I draw a blank. But this year I have some more to add to the list! I’m so excited!

Zero Visibility by [Beers, Georgia]First up is Georgia Beer’s Zero Visibility. I actually bought this book last year and then ended up listening to the audiobook version. Great performance and the story itself was amazing- it’s Georgia Beers! but somewhat different in the emotions that it brought to the surface right from the start. That is not a bad thing- rather get ready for an amazing story that is going to capture you right from the first chapter. The scene that nailed my romantic heart though was when Cassie and Emerson took Cassie’s nephew and niece trick-or-treating. First, taking kids trick-or-treating is actually a blast and having done this adventure with my own nephews and niece I was loving the setting in the story. But it was the casual, no pressure, atmosphere of watching kids chase a sugar high that started to connect the two characters of Emerson and Cassie. It was awesome and soooo romantic! Go Halloween events!!

The next story isn’t necessarily Halloween, but it has individuals dressed up and parading around. In Jae’s newest release Paper LovePaper Love by [Jae] the reader not only gets to spend the story in the wonderful element of paper and pens- can’t you just smell the store!- but Jae also sets the story in Germany where the reader gets to learn a little bit about the history and culture of Freiburg. One event that was very fun was the parade through town where individuals dressed up like witches and tossed confetti and candy into the crowd. It made me think of Halloween with the costumes and the festivities of the day. To recap- you get an amazing story that is set in a paper/pen shop, you get Freiburg, Germany culture and history, AND you get an amazing love story Jae style between Susanne and Anja. It’s a winner all the way around!!

Ok all you amazing readers! Let me know your favorites in the Halloween category. Or the dress up category works too. I know there are some LesFic stories out there and I want to know your favorites!

And don’t forget to check out next week and give Danielle a big Women and Words welcome!!


    • Thanks for reading CW! I had totally forgotten about this one! It was recommended as a Halloween story and it slipped my mind because it wasn’t Halloween season.


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