MOAR Trippin’ with Andi!

Hi, friends! I’m on the road YET AGAIN and here I am, posting more of your fabulous photos from your own wanderings/journeys!

THANK YOU, everybody who sent photos in. I asked people to send me photos of things that they thought were cool/inspiring from recent trips they’d taken and to tell me why they thought these things were cool/inspiring.

Love all the coolness! Thanks, everyone!

From Sherry:

Sherry and Betty have a cool goal going on. This is Black Canyon, of Gunnison National Park in Colorado.

“It’s part of Betty’s and mine goal to hit all the national parks in the US.”

Black Canyon, Gunnison National park. Photo by Sherry.

LOVE it! I grew up near this area of Colorado, and it always blows my mind.

From Jackie:

“This was from a camping trip up to Hadrian’s Wall. Building started in AD 122 and it always amazes me it has survived through the centuries. It is a special place knowing you are walking where the Roman’s once did. It is very spiritual for me being there. I am thankful I live fairly close to this and can visit pretty much as often as I want.”

Hadrian’s Wall. Photo by Jackie.

OMG that’s amazing! Thank you!

From Nic:

“At the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town they have a big wheel that’s similar to the Eye in London. It gives you a fantastic view of the entire harbour and Table Mountain. Sadly I had to go up alone because everyone that was with me had a fear of heights 🤐 Was still a great experience.”

V&A Waterfront, Capetown, South Africa. Photo by Nic.

Love shots like this. 🙂

At the V&A Waterfront, Capetown. Photo by Nic.

What a great view! Thanks, Nic!

From Jazzy:

“…a foggy morning at Cannon Beach, Oregon the first week in September 2017. We were having a heatwave and decided to cool off at the coast. The fog created a mystical quality to the early hour, a hint of the day unfurling in an enchanting way.”

Cannon Beach, OR, Sept. 2017. Photo by Jazzy.

I freaking LOVE Cannon Beach. I’ve been there a few times, and it always just blows my mind with how pretty it is. Also. GOONIES!!!!!!! Parts of That movie were filmed at Cannon, and that movie still has a special place in my heart. Thanks, Jazzy!

From K Aten:

Cool urban shot. Maybe if we’re lucky, K Aten will tell us in the comments exactly where she took it… 😀

Photo by K Aten.

From Nyssa:
Nyssa traveled quite a bit recently and she sent us a few photos.

Outside Weta Cave Workshop. Photo by Nyssa.

WOW. This is the Weta Cave Workshop (Miramar), Wellington, NZ.

Smaug, immortalized at the Wellington Airport. Photo by Nyssa.

Shut the front door! Smaug, at the Wellington Airport!

Eiffel Tower. Photo by Nyssa.

What a great shot of a monument that needs no introduction. Thanks, Nyssa!

And thanks, everyone, for sharing your photos! We love to see what people are up to and some of the cool things they come across in their travels.

Happy Friday, and may the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. There are so many beautiful pics this week! Per Andy’s request, here is my photo story:
    There is a little town about 10 miles away from us (technically it’s our town) that has a farmer’s market on Sundays in the summer. We could go to a closer one on Saturday but those are busy days. Sundays are meant for farmer’s markets, food trucks, and live music in the courthouse lawn while we eat our street tacos.

    Here is the thing, this little town is unremarkable. It’s small, white, and has a history of racism/bigotry. But what I love is that they are slowly pulling themselves into contemporary society. We saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a revitalized little theater downtown. I HARDLY get looks anymore from the locals, despite being not particularly gender-conforming. And, occasionally you see little gems like my photo. Walking a few blocks from the parking lot to the farmer’s market, you pass a little tiny space between two buildings. In that space is an explosion of color and twinkling lights. Your eye naturally follows the green ivy up the wall, then criss-crosses the alley along decorative paper lanterns, touching on multi-colored flags along the way. It’s festive and I smile every single time I see it. And when we visited on a day that the sky was that particular shade of blue that I love, I had to stop and take the picture.

    The whole family impatiently waited for me to wait for other people to wander out of the shot. Impatiently, because there were authentic tacos to be had. But they still waited because while no one understands the way my eye is drawn to beauty, aesthetics, and nice clean lines, they still understand that capturing those things in my mind’s eye is important to me. The picture makes me happy.

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