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You might be asking yourself how did I find myself in this position – a monthly reader’s blog? It’s been a long time coming. As a regular subscriber I looked forward to Erin’s blogs and one in particular hit close to home. I of course had to comment and this led to a wonderful email exchange about Lesfic and our experiences. After some arm twisting on her part this past February I had the pleasure of talking books and how I got into learning about and reading Lesfic with Erin as a guest reader on her blog. Here’s the link to our Q&A in case you didn’t catch it – BTW fellow bloggers I’m doing this the old fashion way since I can’t get the link to work within “Here”….. rookie I know.  https://womenwords.org/2018/02/17/a-different-readers-perspective-danielle-zion/

It gives a bit of my background that doesn’t bear repeating a second time here but might be of interest. This led to a relentless campaign on her part to recruit me as a regular for this blog series. Obviously she finally wore me down. There was a great deal of self-deprecation on the way – I am Canadian after all.

Actually, as my friends in the community know, I’m quite proud to be Canadian – so what better way to start this gig than with a blog about some Canadian Lesfic. After all it is of great concern to us north of the border to ensure that our “unique” arts and culture aren’t completely lost to the influence of other countries. Over the years I’ve been thrilled to see the increasing number of Canadian authors writing Lesfic, and better yet setting some of them in Canada. I for one really enjoy it when a book is set in a city or country that I’ve visited as it transports me back to the landscape and landmarks: Rome or Venice, Italy; Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong; China, Cairo and other areas of Egypt. Closer to home in the US many of the national parks, New Orleans, NYC, Chicago, and even Vegas are firmly entrenched in my memories. In other cases, I’m introduced to must see places to visit or experience that are promptly added to my bucket list. Admittedly a Canadian setting is still a novelty – and something to be savoured.

Today I thought I would introduce a few Canadian authors – although some don’t really need any introduction – and hope to highlight others in future blogs.


Although Canada itself is not always featured as the setting for her novels, the first Canadian born author whose work I remember reading is Tracey Richardson who hails from Southern Ontario. Her Delay of Game was set on both sides of the border – and well – hockey what can I say? Did she know something about the recent wedding that we didn’t? Her upcoming release is also set in Canada.


Lois Cloarec Hart was born in British Columbia and now splits her time between Calgary and Atlanta. Lois now has five novels to her credit along with a number of short stories, most of them set in Canada. I have a soft spot for her first novel Coming Home based on events in the author’s life and set in Calgary. The third edition was re-edited and published in 2014.  This is definitely a favourite in my reread folder.

Jessica L. Webb burst on the scene a few years ago with Trigger, book one in the Dr. Kate Morrison (and Sergeant Andy Wyles) trilogy. If you like romantic suspense/intrigue you shouldn’t miss checking these out. Near to my heart is her novel Repercussions, which is set in my hometown of Ottawa. She so realistically portrayed the characters’ Post Concussion Syndrome symptoms, support options and impact on their lives that a friend of mine who suffers from the syndrome found it hit so close to home that she started and stopped reading the novel a few times before she could go back and finish it.


Jessica’s latest Shadow Boxer is set in Halifax, Nova Scotia so readers will not only read some great books but also experience Canada from coast to coast as they work through her novels.

Have you ever had a book set in your hometown or country, or even in a place you had recently visited? Were you as chuffed as I was the first time it happened?



  1. Don’t forget that Canadians have adorable accents too! Danielle I am so glad that you are joining in on the fun and this was a wonderful introduction to all your reading prowess! I can’t wait to learn more!

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  2. Great debut Reader’s Perspective blog Danielle! You included my favourite Canadian lesfic writer, Lois Cloarec Hart, and two I now want to read. I look forward to reading you regularly. I’m curious about your codename header – dxz131 – it is kind of mysterious.

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    • Hi Millie, glad you liked it. Hopefully I’ll have more titles that will tempt you. I never really noticed I used my secret agent header here for my public name – I’ll have to fix that – not like I’m working undercover here😎

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  3. Fun blog!! I just drove through much of Ontario and up to Quebec City :). I do enjoy books set in Minnesota- but prefer books set in cities I have only visited. I love the memories the setting usually sparks!

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  4. Great blog, Danielle. I do always feel more connected to a book when I recognize the location, but then armchair travel is exciting too. Okay, who am I kidding. I like lesfic set in any city.


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