Please vote on November 6th.      vote-1804596_960_720

Without a doubt, this midterm election is the most important one of my lifetime and perhaps of yours, also. Our democratic form of government, strained under the weight of constant lies, deception, and the strategies of those who seek to subvert our laws and freedoms, is in danger of suffering permanent damage. We’re strapped in a time machine that has transported us backwards to the first incursions of Nazi Germany, back to the days of Jim Crow’s acts of voter suppression. Absent the threat of Congressional restraint or censure, trump has targeted immigrants of color, NFL players as they exert their First Amendment rights, print and broadcast journalists, women (and men) who have been the victims of sexual assault, women in general, and now our transgender brothers and sisters.



Let’s stop complaining and wondering which group of Americans will be targeted next. Let’s exercise our right to vote while we STILL HAVE that right.

In my appeal that you do your civic duty, I’m reminded of Oleta Adams’ tune, “Get Here,”  (Brenda Russell, composer, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., 1990)…

If you have to travel through traffic jams, public transportation snafus, rain, sleet, wind, snow, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a flood, mudslides, a comet hurtling to earth, an army of zombies, Godzilla on a rampage, or a clutch of ninth graders obstructing your path, GET THEE TO THE POLLS AND VOTE, EITHER VIA EARLY VOTING OR ON NOVEMBER 6TH!



Renée Bess is the author of five novels, and with Lee Lynch, the co-story collector of the anthology, OUR HAPPY HOURS, LGBT VOICES FROM THE GAY BARS. She votes during every election because she knows that people have sacrificed their safety and their lives so that she can exercise this Constitutional right.


Voting rights act


  1. I seem to recall a past election that we considered the most important ever. Which was that? Bush/Gore? Obama? Yet this time seems genuinely frightful, an existential threat on so many levels. I keep saying we’re headed to WWIII. Not a civil war, because it’s not just the U.S. If we can show the world we will not cave to this madness, maybe they’ll have the guts to do likewise. Thanks for this!


    • Thank you for commenting on my post, Elaine. Past elections have been extremely important, but I can’t recall our country having so much at stake.

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