Remember October

A Reader’s Perspective on remembering all the gifts we’ve been given.

So we’ve focused this month’s Reader’s Perspectives on Halloween (mostly) check out Ann’s version here– which has a ton of excellent recommendations for paranormal genre and Danielle’s (yay! Danielle is joining us!) here which has a decidedly Canadian twist. October has another aspect to it, at least in the US, it is breast cancer awareness month. I would like to expand that idea and begin a list of works that celebrate all our amazing LesFic authors who have fought cancer and I hope you, amazing readers, add those whom I’ve missed in the comments below.

When I was first discovering LesFic a so many decades ago, there were some very fun Xena FanFic stories that truly captured my attention. It took me forever to make the connection between the TV series (which I didn’t watch) and the stories themselves. However, it seemed the majority of them were very action packed- similar to the TV show (or so I was told). One of those stories was Tonya Muir’s Breaking Away. The mob, horses, super sexy women and a Siberian husky all rolled into tons of action made for an exciting read. If you want some insight into what captured my attention at a young reading age- check this story out! And I mean just look at the cover- trench coat, huge gun and an obvious woman rocking it all! As much as I am aware, Breaking Away was the only LesFic story that Tonya Muir published.

Staying with my unbeknownst love of Xena FanFic, I was also captured quite thoroughly by Cate Culpepper’s The Clinic the first in what became The Tristaine series. The Clinic (Tristaine Series Book 1) by [Culpepper, Cate]And this series was amazing! It completely captured my attention and I so wanted to run away and join the amazons of Tristaine! Action, adventure, corrupt future government and a love that will beat the odds. *Sigh* it was such a fun series to escape with and if you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend it. Actually, I would recommend all of Cate Culpepper’s work- especially if you enjoy stories that will give you the heebie-jeebie’s! I still remembering writing to Cate about how I got scared in the movie Ghostbusters and was a little nervous about reading A Question of Ghosts but with a great sense of humor she convinced me to read it and I’m glad I did!

Last weekend I got a wonderful treat and that was to spend a day at the Left Coast Lesbian Literary Conference (LCLC) that Sapphire Books sponsors in the Palm Springs area each Fall (side note- this is a must attend conference!!). I was actually able to attend the very first conference when Sapphire Books had Amanda Kyle Williams as the keynote speaker. I had all of Amanda Kyle Williams’ Madison Macguire books but was too nervous to ask for her autograph! Another action packed series of stories featuring a strong, kickass woman who basically saved the world like a zillion times! Though I knew Amanda Kyle Williams by these stories, I think most everyone knows her from her Keye Street series.

Another first in my introduction to all that is amazing about LesFic was Chris Anne Wolfe’s Shadows of Aggar which was the first in the Amazon’s of Aggar series. Shadows of Aggar (The Amazons of Aggar Book 1) by [Wolfe, Chris Anne]For me this book was fascinating! I remember getting into an online discussion about it and another reader had stated that she hadn’t been able to get past the first chapter. What?! I couldn’t stop reading after the first chapter and I spent the entire weekend taking every moment I could to finish it! I loved that it was a love story but the lovers didn’t met until almost a quarter of the way into the story allowing me to fully invest in both characters as individuals before investing in them as a partnership. It was wonderful and the world was all consuming. The series includes a total of four books but Chris Anne Wolfe had several stand alone novels which were just as entertaining.

It kind of looks like I have a thing for action books/series…

I don’t think “Thank you” covers enough of how much I appreciated each of these authors stories and how my world is better because of them. Discovering characters that you love and connect with is important. Having a story that captures your attention and makes you miss it when it’s over is a talent. I would say that all of these women had some pretty amazing talent and I am thankful they shared it with all of us. I hope you all check out their work and enjoy it as much as I have.


  1. Great post as usual Erin. I absolutely loved Williams’ Madison McGuire series when it came out – I’m a little jealous you still have yours, they are classics now. It is interesting how many of our (Lesfic) writers at the time look back at their first efforts and cringe (certainly Williams did) but it was early times and there was such a dearth of Lesfic we were just all thrilled to have them.

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    • I got the cringe feeling from her during her keynote speech which was absolutely brilliant. I definitely feel she felt she came into her writing with the the Keye Street series, but I fully agree- she met a need that diversified the offerings of that time period and I am grateful for that!


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