Spooks Ghosts and Demons

Good afternoon Women & Words readers!

I’m halfway through the day and after passing the calendar on my wall – I noticed there is a big fat mark that reminded me I have a blog today.

As always, it caught me by surprise. I don’t have anything fancy prepared for you all – (I’m passing on the 70’s series due to non-interest) and after a phone call from my publisher, I’m told I I have dismally low sales. Did I lose all my readers by being absent?  I really hope not.  I’m thinking the whole out of sight out of mind thing is applying here. And I feel (as my publisher, the great Sapphire Books, Inc.) does – I must remedy that pronto 🙂

Writing the paranormal is one of favorite things to do, and I love  hearing from readers that they enjoy what I do as well.

Now, have you bought your copy of Paradigm yet?

Tattooed beautiful woman in old spooky interior

You still have time to get your copy for Halloween – or make it a gift to a special someone who loves the holiday! It’s chock full of spirits – and demons. If you loved my earlier series – I promise, this book will give you the chills and thrills too. I scared myself while writing it, and that’s pretty hard to do as I get ghostly visitors pretty frequently!

I was also excited to receive my first 5 star review for Paradigm this last week. Here is a small snippet:

“All in all, I highly recommend “Paradigm” especially if you’re a horror/ghost/paranormal fan. Heidt’s exceptionally astute knowledge in the spiritual/paranormal phenomenon continues to be evident in her storytelling and writing style. She clearly is a master in writing in the horror genre and I can’t wait to read her next one! You will adore Jazz and Gypsy’s flirtatious, witty and passionate road to love, you will feel the chills of the terrorising nightmares and visions haunting poor Jazz, you will cheer on Jazz and Gypsy as they fight to eliminate the darkness that was engulfing them.”

It’s a long one ( and I appreciate every word of it!)  – so if you want to read the rest go HERE.

And of course – that link will also bring you to the “buy it now” button. LOL

Also, could you please remind your friends and peeps that my new book, Paradigm is out?  I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank you!

Did ya’ll have a fun pre-Halloween party or attend any?

It feels like an eternity since I dressed my kids in their costumes and raced to work only to come home and retouch them in order to go out and beg for candy.

Well, it feels that way – probably because it has been forever!

So, here’s hoping that you have a wonderful Samhain – or Halloween this year. And don’t forget – there’s still time to scare your friends.

Have an awesome day.


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