Let’s Talk About Vex

Which one are you?

The BFF and I are complete opposites. Under normal circumstances, she could find the evil lurking behind Bambi’s giant, goggle eyes while I’d swear there’s redemption in the heart of Stephen King’s killer clown. The end of these United States midterm elections though, has us both living in an upside down world.

I’m convinced everyone is trash. More mass shootings. 45 run amok in DC and the world. A new liar and sexual abuser on the Supreme Court. The importance of Black lives being still up for debate. And lawmakers still yanking the strings of the idiot-in-chief, convinced they can put up with his potentially world-destroying shenanigans as long as he gets them what they want.

The BFF has hope for the future. Despite candidate for governor (and current Secretary of State i.e. person in charge of elections, including the one he’s running in) Brian Kemp being complicit up to his racist eyeballs in blatant voter suppression tactics, she’s hopeful that the powers of good will prevail. Candidate for governor Stacey Abrams has been brilliant throughout all this. She has spoken out against all the crap rolling downhill in Georgia, refusing to give in or give up the election until every single vote (that Kemp’s cronies haven’t thrown in a trash can and burnt beyond recognition) has been counted.

Voter suppression aside, the fact that this good old boy (aka mediocre white man) has anywhere near enough legitimate votes to be a real contender against a brilliant and driven, former high school valedictorian, Yale educated black woman is head-spinning. But that’s the world we live in. Many people would rather vote for the devil who looks like them than a potential advocate for real and positive change who’s nothing like people they’ve had at their house for dinner.

Right now, Stacey is still standing firm. Chances for a run-off are high-ish and the BFF is still all sunshine and rainbows as we wait for the latest news about the election results.

My home state of Florida isn’t much better. Progressive Andrew Gillum faced off against white-nationalist-linked Ron DeSantis in a debate televised by CNN and blew the republican out of the water. But elections aren’t won based on debates (or fitness to lead) so maybe that’s just another moot point. By the end of election night, Gillum conceded although there’s talk of a possible run-off there as well since the numbers were so close.

All this is to say that my hope has long since circled the drain. I spend my non-writing time watching cat videos, filling up “My List” on Netflix, and looking at the world map for ideas of where to travel next. Avoiding the news is a must if I’m going to keep calm and not end up in the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure.

What all this has to do with writing and books is simply this: people suck and it’s hard to write novels about happy people with all this going on in the world. But I’m still trying.


I managed to write a story for this fab collection of holiday stories. The women are happy. They’re in love, and all is right in their world. Mostly. Find out what else I’ve been up to writing-wise at http://www.fionazedde.com.


  1. I hear you! My state isn’t much better. Our new governor is a guy I’ve voted against every time he ran for anything over the last 30 years. I think the margin on this latest vote for governor may be smaller than it’s been before but that’s not enough.

    For many years I said I was a “pessimistic optimist”. It’ll get better, but I doubt it 🤓. These last few years have turned me into “trying to be optimistic pessimistic”. And the optimistic part keeps getting harder and harder. Hang in there and try to laugh at something at least once a day.



    • Ugh! Sorry to hear that about the new governor – I won’t say “your” because he’s very much not. I was (very deep inside) hoping against hope that Florida and Georgia would do better. There’s still some re-counting and possible down the line run-offs, but like I said, my own hope has taken off for the hills so I’ll just wait and see with the rest of the world/U.S.

      My inner optimist watches ultra violent movies/shows on netflix and cheers for the villain to die a horrible death. That’s as close to optimism as I can get these days.


  2. I’ve discarded my glass, Fiona, at least for now. I’ll remain close to my Brita pitcher and get ready to pour more water in the event of recount or runoff victories for Mr. Gillum and Ms. Abrams in Florida and Georgia, trump-ending Mueller probe results, photos of pence dancing with a gorgeous guy in a gay bar, or trump admitting the Cali wildfires are related to the dry, windy environment, not to some malfeasance of the forestry department.

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    • even seeing his name makes me itch, Renee. but yes to possible refilling. yes to future hope. yes to also living our lives the best way we can and savoring every happiness while the world burns around us.


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