Ask the Pros- Angela Grace

Whew!  We made it!

Sometimes, we need to sit in our success.

Midterm national elections are over. Here is what went right:

  • At this time, at least 123 women will be taking their seats in Congress starting January 3, 2019. Current count is 105 Democratic women and 18 Republican women.
  • Crazy high voter turn out reflects the passion of Americans.
  • There are more women moving to the governors mansions. Nine women, so far, were elected to serve as Governors.
  • Congress is now “in the game” with oversight authority, the ability to conduct investigations and protect our democracy.
  • Climate Change can be addressed.
  • Health care/pre-existing conditions are safer.

Time to sit in our success.

We live in 24 hour news cycles. Sometimes, it is not even 24 minutes with “Breaking News” breaking constantly. Some of the “Breaking News” is intentionally created to overwhelm and distract.  Let’s not buy into the chaos.  Instead, let’s take a few moments to reflect on our success.  It’s ok!

Women worked very hard to win big on November 6th.  They had to:

  • Overcome the bias of male leadership,
  • Overcome the bias of non-white
  • Overcome the bias of body size
  • Overcome the bias of motherhood
  • Overcome the bias of finances
  • Overcome the bias of Trump Nation
  • Overcome your uncle’s bias’ who you argued with last Thanksgiving
  • Overcome White Nationalists
  • Overcome the propaganda cable “news” channel
  • Overcome whatever internal doubts they may have felt.

Women rose up to run for office, women showed up to vote and women will continue to get up and fight for our country.

Take a deep breath. Open the champagne, Hug your loved ones, Sleep well.

Tomorrow we start again.

Angela Grace  BCC, WCS






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