Discovering Self-Love through Reflection by Gabriella Meghan (plus a FREE book)

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201809063426034101029591991Springtime in eastern Pennsylvania, the snow is melting and the sun is starting to thaw the ground. I am locked in my bedroom, that is a finished attic in an old colonial building, and feel consumed by self-doubt. I had a number of things running through my mind that day. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, living in a new state, and being alone while so many things were changing in my life. I was now in my mid-twenties, with no clear direction of where life might take me. I was lost. I found myself writing. I would write for hours and hours on end, and with each stroke of my pen I felt a slight weight lifted from my heart and soul.

There was a moment where I felt drawn to go outside. I hadn’t been outside in days, and certainly needed the sunshine and fresh air. I listened to my intuition and followed the sunlight out of my door, down my fire escape, and started walking. I wasn’t sure where my walk would take me, but I truly didn’t care. I walked about two miles before I came across a small stone bridge that straddled a creek. The creek was inviting, and the sound of the moving water was peaceful. It wasn’t more than two to three inches deep at times, but beautiful nonetheless. I climbed over the bridge and down into the creek. I found the only dry rock in the area to take a seat on. At this moment, I closed my eyes. I felt a cool spring breeze grace my cheek and allowed myself to simply…be. I gently opened my eyes, and to my surprise there were thirty or more ducks, yes ducks, coming towards me. Happily quaking as they approached me, as if they were not scared, but inquisitive. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle and a sigh of relief. Before I knew it I was surrounded by ducks. I sat there and talked to them as if they could understand my troubles, some continued walking around me, examining me, while others laid down and cocked their heads in curiosity.

I consider this moment, the beginning of my spiritual journey; my journey of self-love, which I have continuously uncovered through self-reflection. One of my most common methods of self-reflection is through my poetry. Poetry has helped me heal in countless ways. Over the course of several years I had created a poetry blog. As my blog grew, I realized that other people could relate to my ups, downs and in between! I decided to compile my poems for the masses, in my new poetry book “Tiny Mirrors.” I chose the title “Tiny Mirrors” because each poem was a glimpse of self-reflection. Self-reflection is a requirement in any self-love journey. It is ongoing, hard work, but incredibly rewarding. I urge every person to do themselves justice through self-reflection and self-love. By practicing these things we may heal, we may love, and we may radiate light so bright that we become unstoppable forces of nature.

Since starting my journey of self-love I’ve taken time to write more, travel more, experience more, and even put together an online course in self-love and self-acceptance titled “Loving Your Light Within.” I invite you to start your self-love journey today, because you can accomplish whatever your heart desires, but your journey begins with loving yourself!


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Gabriella Meghan is a young author based out of Phoenix, AZ. Gabriella has captured her following, “The Good Vibe Tribe,” by promoting practices of self-love and self-acceptance. She encourages individuals to love themselves through a continuous process of reflection. In August 2018 she released her second book, a poetry book, titled “Tiny Mirrors.” Gabriella attributes much of her writing her travels and personal experiences.




  1. Thanks for posting this. It sounds like something my step-daughter would love to read. Right up her street in terms of personal needs, and her life coaching. I’ll check out the website and links.


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