So…the Hootenanny is fast approaching…

HI, friends!

Andi here, along with Tucker the Merry Elf to remind you that SOMETHING’S AFOOT.

If you follow the Women and Words podcast, you know Jove and I have been yammering about the fast approaching Hootenanny.

That, my friends, is the giant-ass super-duper crazy WTF just happened holiday book giveaway that we here at Women and Words throw in December.


EACH DAY IS A NEW COLLECTION OF BOOKS AND SWAG THAT WE GIVE AWAY. So you have to play every day, and the average book selection is anywhere from around 20-40 in a single day.

Yes. Not making that up.

We have anywhere from 80-120 authors and around 7 publishing houses participating! GIVING BOOKS AWAY.

It’s a great way to find out about authors you may not be familiar with, to get some ideas for holiday gift-giving, and to win some freakin’ books!!!!

Here are a couple of days from last year’s Hootenanny to give you an idea of what’s going to happen.

DAY 5, 2017
DAY 8, 2017

Do you see, now, whereof I speak?

And it’s SO EASY to participate! We open each day’s giveaways at 9 AM EST US time and go ’til 9 PM EST US and all you have to do to get in on the drawings is leave a comment on each day’s blog. Boom. Done. Entered.

So we hope to see you starting December 12th. Fun, frolic, books. And we could all use some of that.

See ya soon…


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