Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

True Story

A few years ago my wife and I spent Christmas Eve with two family members whom I will call Aunt B and Mother V. We had a pretty good time playing a mindless game.  There was some laughter and feel good conversations. Things were going smoothly, but then I had a foolish idea.

When it came time for dinner, I ask that we each tell something we are grateful for or something we appreciate.  Seemed like a simple request. After all, it was the holidays, time for good cheer and all that. What I didn’t expect was … dead silence. Aunt B and Mother V just looked at me. First time all day they weren’t talking.

After a long minute, Aunt B asked “What do you mean?” It’s as though it was an entirely foreign thought, to be grateful. To be appreciative of people or situations in their lives. So I answered “Ahh … what are you thankful for? You know, feeling glad about something?” Silence.

My wife saved the moment by saying she was grateful for our family and our relatively good health. That was met with silence. But, Mother V had a reply “Well, I don’t feel so healthy. I have that arthritis.  Aunt B responded, “Well you know Vi, you should get that lotion for your knees”.  Vi responded, “I’ve tried that Ben Gay, it’s not worth a dime”.  Aunt B, “Yeah, well it worked on Fred….”

At that moment, I knew all was lost.

So, I challenge you. Are you grateful?  I promise, you are bound to do a better job answering what you are grateful for than those two women I call family.  Please take time to reflect during this busy holiday season.  Look at your life and realize you have many treasures.  Some, you may even be taking for granted.

I am grateful for you.  For two years you have read my words and have given me a sense of belonging among the legends of lesbian fiction authors.    Thank you.

Happy Holidays

Angela Grace

ps, I’m also very grateful the Democrats won the House.


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