New stuff from the old year

A reader’s perspective on all the newness I found. 

I’ve never really gotten into the whole New Year’s celebration thing. Maybe because I’m a full on morning person and the idea of staying up past 10:00pm much less until midnight seems like a hardship. I’ll be the first to admit I get it. I get grumpy! Oh I try. Each year it seems like I have plans that this year will be the year that I stay up and actually ring in the new year. But what are we actually celebrating? Are we celebrating the end of a successful year? Or are we celebrating the upcoming year hoping it will be better than the last? I would actually be interested in getting reader’s perspectives on that!

Here’s my thought though for this Saturday morning. I’ve found some really great authors this past year and I’m pretty psyched about it! Each year I go through moments when I am completely overwhelmed with the vast number of new authors in the LesFic genre and of course the fear that if I do try a new author I may not like them or their writing style. Basically it can be a stress party for me! But then I branch out from my normal and found out that our LesFic genre is busting at the seams with talent. So here is my list of authors I just found this year who captured my attention.

Rocks and Stars by [Ledel, Sam]Andi and Jove just finished the amazingness also called the Hootenany! and I was so excited to see that Sam Ledel had her debut novel listed and some lucky readers out there were going to get a copy of Rocks and Stars. Sam managed to hit a lot of emotions with this story and capture the college coming out experience perfectly. Especially for me as my first experience was less than ideal and I was truly blinded from the possibilities. While reading Rocks and Stars I wanted to reach into the pages and shake Kyle then just point her in the right direction. Granted her best friend was already doing that and my attempts at interfering would not have made a difference as this story captures all the parts of first relationships including learning from mistakes and finding yourself in the process.

London (Passport to Love Series Book 2) by [Evans Jordan, Patricia]Another new to me author was Patricia Evans Jordan and I found out about her at the LCLC held this past October (info here). She actually has several stories out but when asked I was directed to London as a good starting point for her work. I was not disappointed! A second chance romance with a twist of suspense- it was awesome! It was one of those stories that makes me believe that everything will work out the way it is meant to even if there are bumps along the way. My understanding is that London is actually part of a stand-alone series so I’m excited to continue following Patricia.

The Chosen One by [Markinson, T. B.]If you haven’t discovered T.B. Markinson she is doing some phenomenal things for readers of LesFic through her newsletter (find out how to join here). In addition she has some wonderful stories of her own out there that I’ve enjoyed this past year. I actually won a copy of her story The Chosen One in a give-away on her website and had a lot of fun reading it. There’s a sequel to it as well so readers have lots of time to stay with Ainsley Carmichael as she navigates a life designed to launch her into the White House. I can not wait for that to happen!

The last author, is actually more of a re-discovery and I am super glad that I did. Who’s read The Dream Catcher The Dream Catcher by [Mori, Annette]by Annette Mori? Reading the blurb on the back of the cover I was intrigued immediately and that just continued all the way through this story. The concept borders just on the edge of the impossible that it totally makes me wonder if the government isn’t already doing some type of similar experiment already. In addition to having an intriguing plot, Annette created one of the most innocently perfect character in Heaven. How could a character who dreams up busty strippers be innocent you might wonder, but truly, Heaven is so pure and sweet in her intentions and thoughts that it made the perfect character for such a potentially scary science project.

I, for one, am looking forward to finding more amazing authors in 2019 after such successful finds in 2019. What about all of you out there? Who are some LesFic authors that were new to you this past year? It would be fun to keep expanding and all of our horizons!


    • I really liked it! Right from the start Heaven made me laugh and then became so vulnerable she was perfect! Thanks for giving us a wonderful story Annette Mori!!


  1. I look at the New Year as a blank slate to be filled with adventures and memories. And new books. I too feel overwhelmed with the number of books available and new authors to discover. How to choose with so many to choose from?!? That’s why I rely on The Lesbian Review, blogs like this and from publishers.

    And I can’t stay awake until midnight either, but do get awakened by fireworks…..

    Happy New Year

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    • Thanks for reading Patti and thanks for your admission of not being able to stay up until midnight also!! I’ve enjoyed the emails from The Lesbian Review as well and really enjoy their selection of podcasts. I hope this new year is filled with lots of adventures and wonderful memories!!


  2. Erin! Thanks for the kind words. And to be in such great company. You’re not the first person to want to “shake Kyle” and make her snap out of it. The struggle is real!

    Here’s to 2019 and more awesome LesFic!

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