Women and Words Podcast, 24-29 December 2018

Greetings, everyone!

Just a heads-up. We will now be posting the Women and Words podcast here on the blog, and on Sundays for the next couple of months. We may then switch it back to posting on Saturdays. Regardless, you’ll be able to find it here AND you can still find it on iTunes and Stitcher and all your fave podcast apps (just search for “Women and Words”), so we hope you like and subscribe at those apps, because that helps drive traffic and we want others to find us! WOOOOO! Think of all the happy fun times!

This week, Jove and Andi debrief/give each other therapy after the Hootenanny. It’s the week after the Hootenanny ends, so there’s not much going on at the blog but apparently, Andi and Jove wanted to ramble about things.

28 Dec: Author and Women and Wordster Erin Zak stopped by with some good reminders about 2018. Though it was a shit show (Erin’s words), there were still some good things about it, and it’s important to remember the good stuff. So we hope you go and let her know what good stuff happened to you during 2018. 🙂

See ya next week!


  1. Oh I know this is just more minor bookkeeping but the W&W Podcast link at the top of the page still links to The Lesbian Talk Show


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