Hello 2019!

Greetings all!


2019 is here and I’m ready for all the good things I’m sure this new year will bring! This year, I’ll have two new book releases: Practice Makes Perfect – the first of my Legal Affairs Romances – will be out in June, and Leading the Witness, a romantic suspense novel, is due to be released in October. I’ll be appearing at Clexacon in April, the GCLS Con in July, Women’s Week in October, and Bouchercon in late October/early November. If you’ll be at any of these events, please say hi – I’d love to meet you in person.

I’m ready for a great year full of love, life, and good health. Let’s start the year off with a giveaway, shall we? Chime in below with something you intend to accomplish or are looking forward to this year, and your name will be entered in a drawing for a free ebook copy of any of my titles (you can get the full list at the Bold Strokes Books webstore). Leave your comment by Saturday, January 5th, and I’ll post the winner on Sunday. Cheers to a great year for us all!



  1. I have never been one to make NY resolutions. I figure if there’s something needing change, work on it (or procrastinate, lol). But this year my focus needs to stay on ME. I had let my emotional and physical well-being deteriorate to a point that I never thought I would get to. I actually started on this adjustment process in November. During 2019 I will continue to shape myself into the woman I wish to be again ❤


  2. Looking forward to a pain free year and being able to dance again. 4 weeks ago today I had bilateral knee replacement, and yesterday the Physical Therapist said that tomorrow we are getting off the walker and starting to use a cane. Whoopee.


  3. I’m hoping that in 2019 a little story I wrote will be published. I am also going to pull my finger out and actually continue writing. In the meantime I’m going to be reading lots of fantastic books from amazing lesfic authors around the world!


  4. I’m looking forward to reading more this year and am aiming to get more lesfic titles in my local library’s catalogue so that part of their collection can grow even more.


  5. Looking forward to new challenges and being open to new ideas in 2019. I want to develope and extend my reading to new authors as well as whittle down my book list of favourite authors 😃. Hope you have a fantastic 2019!


  6. I am looking forward to reading so many more lesbian fiction romances this year. There are so many exciting stories in the works we are going to be spoilt for choice that’s for sure. I will need to budget my other expenses to be able to afford all of the books I want to read.


  7. I don’t actually keep new year resolutions but while it’s the start of a new year, it’s actually a good thing to pause and see what you have actually accomplished in your life.
    Hope you have a wonderful 2019! 😄


  8. I going to get my brave on and make new friends. My two closest friends died not long ago and I lost the desire to be around other people. I’ll never be able to replace these 30 yr friendships but I can try to trust

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  9. I’m going to try and be a better person to my 94 year old dad. It’s been hard at times dealing with his crappy attitude when all he says “I wish I would just die” because all his friends are gone and he’s not even sickly. Lord help me to understand.


  10. Goal: to keep learning and doing. Trying always to be the best me that I can. Love your books, Carsen, and have them all … so only pick me if I can be in line for ‘Practice Makes Perfect!”


  11. I was really inspired by R.G Emmanuelle’s post about controlling your own reactions to control your stress and improve your health. I have decided to try to do the same.


  12. Hey Carsen! I just caught that uyou’ll be a Bcon in Dallas! YAHOO! Me too, and I believe Cheryl Head as well. Maybe others I don’t know about, too! This is AWESOME! I’m loving the diversity that’s beginning to happen at that venue!


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