First then Seconds

A reader’s perspective on second options.

Last week Ann Etter did some amazing “firsts” and I can’t wait to hear her in action. Check it out here. And since Ann did Firsts, I thought I’d do seconds! And what better way to have some fun than to get a second chance, I mean that really is what a new year is all about right? To have a second go at doing all the things that may have been left undone plus more. I mean think about that horrible thought when you actually wish for a chance to do it over- and then there it is! Your second chance! And second chances can come in oh so many fun packages.

I think it is kind of obvious that I am a big fan of Lynn Galli’s writing and in Blessed Twice, one of the stories in her Virginia Clan series, there is a twist on the idea of a second chance that both characters grow through. For Briony, her second a chance to love again comes after the loss of her wife. A hard concept to even fathom but the underlying concept of wanting your partner’s happiness even if it isn’t you who is making her happy made the transition easier for me. She finds that in M who has a second chance in a different way. I think when you read Blessed Twice these combined second chances make for a wonderful story to give you hope at least it did for me. Let me know what you think!

The Devil Inside (Cain Casey Series Book 1) by [Vali, Ali]Though looking back at my ex’s there isn’t a one that I would want a re-do with (is that bad?) but those stories where there is a re-connection later in life after the characters have had a chance to grow individually and become more stable and able to commit are super fun to read. I especially enjoyed Ali Vali’s second chance story in The Devil Inside. Of course Ali Vali does what she is amazing at doing and sinks the love story into a fantastic suspense plot that captures the reader’s attention but Cain and Emma’s second chance at love is what appealed to my romantic heart.

Heart to Heart by [Gardner, Layce, Bennett, Saxon]Another twist on second chances is one with a parent. It’s a scary moment when children realize their parents aren’t perfect- at least it was for me. It’s even scarier when you realize they are mortal and that they will and do get old. It’s a realization that made me step up and take advantage of the second chance to spend time with family that I hadn’t been taking advantage of. The same way Amy does in Saxon Bennett and Lacey Gardner’s Heart to Heart. Not all mistakes can be fixed but the acceptance of who your parents are and that they also had trials and tribulations that made them who they are does count for something. Plus you get to meet Parker who is an absolute cutie!!

Firsts and Seconds, what better way to start a new year! I would love to hear from all you amazing readers what some of your favorite LesFic second chances. Happy New Year!