Women and Words Podcast, 5-12 Jan. 2019

Andi and Jove accidentally talk about writing (and genre fiction) thanks to Kate Christie. Also, therapy is a really good thing. And you should totally try to see a shooting star/meteor shower.

5 Jan.: Women and Wordster Ann Etter voiced author Rachel Spangler’s book In Development and talks about her experience with voice work. Go, Ann! Check it out.

6 Jan.: Author Kate Christie stopped by to chat about her latest, A Theory of Love (and she’s giving a copy away!) and how genre fiction — romance in particular — get wrongfully dissed. Go see.

8 Jan.: Women and Wordster and life coach/therapist Angela Grace stopped by with a reminder to consider taking care of ourselves through therapy. See the deets.

9 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Val Agab had a couple of great spec fic book recommendations. Expand your library.

10 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Fiona Zedde provided a best-of list of her 2018. See the cool stuff.

11 Jan.: Author and Women and Wordster Sam Ledel talks about things that happen and the reasons they do. Case in point, a road trip.



  1. LOVE everything about this podcast. Including the Killing Eve discussion. I fall on the side of enjoying Eve and Villanelle’s sexual tension because it seems to stem from their complete fascination with one other’s ability to be so freaking smart in everything they do. Plus, like it was mentioned, the show lives in that moral grey area, which I very much enjoy.
    Solid advice: “Don’t date a serial killer.”

    Also, Andi, you are correct with “luh-del” as my last name pronunciation. Thanks for checking! 🙂

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