Finding the Motivation

It’s an age-old subject: Writers (and other artists) trying to find the will and determination to continue practicing their art. We sometimes refer to it as being visited by the Muse, but whatever euphemism you ascribe to it, what it comes down to is we sometimes have to find a reason to keep going. We have to rediscover our motivation for continuing. how-to-increase-motivation

That’s not always easy. So many things happen in life that take that drive away from us: illness, financial concerns, family crisis, etc. Sometimes the problem comes from within ourselves, and whatever the origins of that problem (or problems) may be, it comes down to one thing—we lose belief in ourselves and our ability to do that thing that we love to do.

But whether the problem stems from within or without us, the solution lies only within. We have to find that little something inside of us that tells us that we need—not just want, but need—to continue doing this thing that makes us happy. It may take a while. It may take others encouraging us. It may take overcoming some other obstacle. It may take therapy. We’re all different.4. when you feel like quitting think about why you started.

If you’re in that place, as I am right now, give yourself a little time. Make some room in your life to take a break and breathe. Do some other things for a while, things that you’ve been putting off. If you accomplish other things, complete some other task, you may just start to believe in yourself again. Your motivation may return faster than you thought it could, even if you believed it never would. If your art truly makes you happy, you’ll be drawn back to it. The Muse will call you, and you will answer, maybe even without knowing it.



  1. Totally timely and well put. Thanks. Being tired in it can be a lot harder than being tired of it of.


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